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"Simpsons"/"King of the Hill" Recap & Review - Oct. 8, 2007

The Simpsons
King of the Hill

Original air Date: October 7, 2007

Jeff L - TwoCents Staff Writer

The Simpsons
"Midnight Towboy"

Maggie is being very clingy. Marge tries unsuccessfully to put her to bed, while Homer, Lisa and Bart are having an Animal House toga party in the living room. Marge tries to make Maggie a bottle but the milk bottle breaks sending Homer into a crying jag and then out to the Kwik-E-Mart for more. Apu is out of milk – turns out Milk, Mentos and Lotto scratchoff dust make fuel for jet packs. Moe to the rescue. He pours Homer a glass that may either be milk or paint. Turns out it’s paint, but Homer keeps drinking it and Moe has to charge him.
Back home, Marge is totally acting like my mom trying to use the internet. Bart and Lisa take over using the computer after she accidenly buys a new freezer. They find her a website for a group that will come to the house and teach your baby to be self actualizing.
Homer tries to find milk in Shelbyville but their Welcome To Shelbyville billboard says “No Milk” so he keeps going to Ogdenville but it’s “Milk Free Since ‘73” so he must push on. Near Capital City he sees a billboard for M.I.L.K. but as he gets closer he sees that it’s only an add for Mr. T Is the Lion King playing at the Capitol City theater. A milk truck passes him on the road and he follows it to Guidopolis (Jersey) where the goomba run wild. They have milk though at the Mook-E-Mart, but Homer’s car gets towed by Louie (Matt Dillon).
Turns out being a tow jockey is a pretty sweet life so Louie sells Homer his own tow truck as long as he’ll stick to the Springfield territory. The next day Homer is out towing Bart around town on his skateboard and towing the bumpers off a few cars all around town. Back home, Marge is being taught how to let Maggie grow up by a crazy old hippie lady. Meanwhile, Homer is trying to tow away Arnie Pie’s helicopter while he’s flying over a fire hydrant but that can only lead to disaster. Later at Moe’s Homer is spending his new towing money on the guys but Lenny is double parked outside so Homer tows his car.
The next morning Maggie is getting her own breakfast when Homer stumbles home. Marge says she doesn’t want to live like this never seeing him anymore. Hey, when she married a man who would, years later and without warning, become a tow truck driver, she knew that the deal would eventually be. The rest of the town isn’t happy with Homer either so they launch a plot to get his towing license revoked. They plant a car just over the border into Guidopolis and trick Homer into towing the car, which makes Louie very, very angry. Turns out those in the towing game are strict about their territories.
Louie tows Homer to his very 80’s looking house, where he’s got a basement full of other tow truck drivers he’s locked up for towing in his territory. Louie makes Homer call home to explain that the Simpsons don’t need to come looking for him because he is working and don’t ask any questions if he doesn’t come home forever. Maggie, fearing thew worst, hops on Santa’s Little Helper and rides to Homer’s rescue. As a reward for rescuing him, Homer decides to give Maggie back her nose, but as he goes in to give it back he realizes “that’s Lisa’s nose.” Great, funny episode. 4 out of 5 stars.

King of the Hill
“The Power Puff Boys”

Bobby and Joseph are accosted by some football players. They aren’t trying to beat them up, they recruit Bobby and Joseph to be cheerleaders with the rest of the football team at the annual girls’ football game. Apparently they have girl football now. Who knew? Can the WNFL be far behind? Anyway, it’s quite an honor to be asked by the football team to join them, at least according to Hank who thinks it’s a good in with the team and their coach.
Subplot alert: Peggy wants in at the PTA and the PTA are none too happy about the boys making fun of cheerleaders by dressing in drag and cheerleading themselves.
Turns out being a “Power Puff” cheerleader is a noble tradition and that Hank and his buddies were cheerleaders for the even back in their football days. Lots of cross dressing jokes abound and the PTA shuts down the boys before the big game. Bobby’s not having it though and the boys tell the PTA that they are transsexuals to circumnavigate the rules since there’s an anti-sexual discrimination policy already in place and they can dress in drag and cheer all they want to at the big game. Not a lot of laughs tonight. Where’s Lucky when you need him? 2 out of 5 stars.

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