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The Office Conference Room - "Money"

The Office

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Lauren - TwoCents Staff Writer

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Everyone into the Conference Room - NOW!

TheTwoCents.comFavorite Moment: Jim consoling Dwight in the stairwell.
Favorite Quote: "I know, but I'm not going to say because you're all jerks and didn't come see my band last night." - Kevin
Overall Episode Grade: A+
KP's TwoCents: This goes right into my top 5 favorite episodes of all time. It was so human - mixed with the comedy, which is what makes this show work. Amazing.

Favorite Quote: "I imagined less manure; some manure, just less." -Jim
Favorite Scene: Mose running alongside Jim and Pam's car on the way into the beet farm.
Overall Episode Grade: C

Life in the Office (outgoing)
Favorite Moment: so many to choose...but the entire conference room sequence was PRICELESS
Favorite Quote: "I'm very passionate about Italian food. In fact, I'm in love with Italian food." - Jim
Overall Episode Grade: A

Donna (incoming)
Favorite Moment: Jim comforting Dwight in the stairwell.
Favorite Quote: "In the Schrute family when one of the males has sex with another woman, he is rewarded with a bag of wild oats left on his doorstep by his parents."
Overall Episode Grade: A-

Laura.Ann/Fancy New Beesly
Fancy New Beesly
Favorite Moment: Jan's speech to Michael in the very end about being there for him just like he was there for her.
Favorite Quote: "Miklusha....ohmygod, he watched Million Dollar Baby....he's gonna kill me."-Pam
Overall Episode Grade: A+
Laura Ann's TwoCents: Oh, wow. Ooooohhhh, wow. So, if y'all have read my last reviews for this season you know that I really have not liked the season thus far. I've thought the episodes were weak, the characters too pretty, the jokes were recycled five times over & that NBC was pandering WAY too much to its audience. Then tonight's episode "Money" reminded me why I'm a fan of this show. It's easily in my top 5 favorite episodes.

Favorite Moment: Michael walking into the break room and assuming everyone is talking about and picturing Jim and Pam having sex
Favorite Quote: I... DECLARE... BANKRUPTCY!
Overall Episode Grade: B


  1. This was an AMAZING episode. I liked it a LOT better than the 2nd and 3rd of the season. There seemed to be a lull in the hour-long episodes, but this made it great. I especially loved the really, really subtle JAM moments. Also, I am amazed by the revelations of Jan and Micheal's relationship.

  2. "Money" is without question, the single greatest episode of the entire run of "The Office" thus far.

    the most memorable quote:

    "and as of this morning we are completely wireless here at Schrute Farms but as soon as I find out where Mose hid all the wires, we'll get that power back on. - Dwight to Jim and Pam

    the most memorable scene:

    the interconnected talking head scenes in which Pam recognizes Jim's passion for "Italian food", which Jim later confirms and goes on to confess that he "in fact is in love with "Italian food"".

    Final Grade: A++!

  3. My favorite quote was: "Ryan used me as an object" and "Whoemever's name is Toby..."

    I had to watch that scene like 4 times over on my DVR.

    - Gina


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