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"NUMB3RS" Recap & Review - "Hollywood Homicide"


“Hollywood Homicide”

Original Air Date:
October 5, 2007

KP –
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98,000 Out of Work Actors – 89.6 Liters of Water – 3 Friends – 30 Frames Per Second

It’s Will Traveler!! Oh, no. It’s Pyro!! Oh, no. It’ guest star Aaron Stanford who’s playing Brett Chandler on this one - a young famous actor who has a “Cribs” like home full of fancy things and of course lots and lots of ladies. Oh, and a dead girl in the tub….

All of this was captured on video by a friend of Brett and who has the tape now? Don Epps and company at the FBI of course. Through some crazy math and gumball analogies we get an ID on the girl – Andrea Barton who also shows up as a Jane Doe in the morgue. Hey look – Colby is back in the fold with the FBI where he’s going to sit tight until he’s reassigned. David, still not knowing what to say to Colby, heads over to Andrea’s apartment with Megan. There some mystery person is in the apartment and then tries to run over David with one of those mini cars. Getting a good look in the car window – it’s Andrea Barton driving! WHAT THE?!

Question – Why do TV cops always pull their guns and point them at suspects as they run away and NEVER shoot? I’d run too.

Yup, Andrea is still in the morgue. She was found dumped in a canyon. She was held under water to drown and was an only child. Anyone else thinking about plastic surgery? Special Agent Liz Warner (Aya Sumika), and Don’s girlie friend, is back this episode and teams up with Colby to head over to Brett Chandler’s house where they meet some more suspects, I mean characters, - Logan Oliver, Brett’s security, and Brett’s BFF Josh Ryan. We learn Brett’s brother Brian was killed in a car-jacking and their friend Pete was the friend visiting who filmed the opening death scene. “He spilt kind of sudden.” This is like Entourage gone bad.

Back at the Epps home, Amida lets herself in with her own key (oh la la), small talk with Papa Alan and Charlie fills her (us) in that the Friendship Dynamics paper he uses last week has interest from journalists for publication. By cleaning the fish tank, Charlie thinks he can figure out who the killer was. I love this stuff.

By the way – Andrea Barton – yeah, she had plastic surgery. Charlie and Larry head over to Brett’s house. Brett asks how solving crimes with math works – ah, the question we all ask watching this show! Brett calls it like something from the movies, but not as cool. At the plastic surgeon we find out that Andrea Barton and Tracey Meade were cut’ to look identical! Meade is the one who died. And both of their surgeries were paid for by Leslie Dennis – the “Melrose Madam”.

Colby brings Brett and his Entourage back to the FBI offices and they treat it like a field trip. There is now one random guy with them who we haven’t met yet this episode. We all know what that usually means, don’t we? Turns out he’s Brett’s manager – Mark. The field trip starts and ends in the interrogation room where Don questions them on knowing Andrea – enter Charlie where his “not cool” math pinpoints the size of the killer – matches Logan the security guy. Logan eyes Mark through the window. Tracey and Logan had a thing, but she was alive when he got out of that tub and Logan is about to tell them who did it as Mark runs in and pulls Logan out of the interview. Mmm Hmm. Liz gets a call from Logan “it’s all gone too far”. Don and Liz are off to meet Logan…he’s dead in his car off an embankment. Gun shot death – not a car accident.

DVD pirating, the Madam is back, and David and Megan show up at a club called Bedouin to find Kevin and Bryce Lee. Gun fight time. Someone gets shot! Wow. Tracey had leverage on Brett and company somehow and would in return get unreleased movies to give to the Logan brothers to sell. A jackal and lion scenario from Charlie tells us about game theory. Pete, the video taper, is found and tells Don that Josh and Logan didn’t want anyone to know about the dead girl. Alan says a funny line, which in the way this show works, gives Charlie something new to go on and voila – a new hypothesis and off David and Megan go to find Andrea Barton who isn’t surprised they are back.

Andrea spills the beans that Brett’s brother, Brian, wasn’t really killed in carjacking – Brett killed him! Accidentally of course. Brett is happy the weight is off his shoulders. But it wasn’t just Logan, Josh and Brett who know – Manager Mark did too! And Josh was with Brett when Logan was show – uh oh – what could this mean? Mark is on the run, shooting at Colby and Liz that’s what it means. Liz shoots Mark who’s holding a hostage. Mark isn’t dead, Brett is arrested for his brother’s death.

Colby gets a letter, his new assignment? We don’t know – yet. A nice family moment to end the episode as usually and we come to the end of our weekly trek through the Epps family adventure. See you all next week!

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