Friday, October 26, 2007

In Scranton!!

We made it! 3 easy hours on the road, half of which was in a driving rain and we're here!

The drive was passed lots of fun signs including Scranton and Lake Wallenpaupak!!

We got to the Radisson and checked in for the VIPs. They hand you an envelope full of information a tshirt and AN AUTOGRAPHED memorbilia item!

I got a World's Best Boss mug autographed by Steve Carell and Nellie (TwoCents Photographer) got a copy of Jenna's painting of the Scranton office - autographed by Jenna!

Now we've checked in to our hotel and are getting ready for Casino Night!

Keep checking the Twitter Updates for what we're doing and the photos, as we'll upload as much as possible!


  1. I can't wait to get there myself! See you tomorrow.
    ~Donna, LITO

  2. Prepare a eulogy. I just dropped dead from jealousy.


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