Saturday, October 27, 2007

End of Day One!

Greetings from Scranton! Nellie and I just got back from Casino Night.

Let's go back to the beginning. Once arriving at the hotel to get the buses, we ran into MySpace friend - Bobblehead Gary at the hotel waiting to board the buses. A super nice guy!

Then waiting in the lobby, Creed walked by and invited all the Scrantones into the elevator to join him in his room. It's like being trapped in an episode.

We all boarded the buses, we thought for sure that they would sing The Flintstones, but alas they did not. The bus roof did leak on my leg though - that was the highlight of the drive over.

Once getting off the bus we are handing a voucher for 100 points in chips. In PA, they are only sanctioned for slot machines, but we are ushered into an outside VIP tent where a live band is playing, and there are table games (craps, roulette and hold'em etc.). All the points gambled went to charity (a local symphony orchestra). I played some hold em and then the cast arrived. Angela Kinsey, Ed Helms and Craig Robinson sat at the hold em table right behind me. Brian Baumgartner set up as a deal for blackjack and Kate Flannery was walking around saying hi.

After I lost my money (to charity) I walked up and on the stage, strapping up his guitar, was Creed. He pulled some Scantones on the stage with him and they launched into that Blues song they played in the Deleted Scene of Booze Cruise. They had a special guest on the bass guitar though - Scott Shriner from Weezer!!

Walking through the crowd I spotted Whitney who is the queen of the Pop Culture blog on USA Today. I also had a nice chat with Tanster from OfficeTally.

Now, you may be asking why there aren't there many pictures of the event - we were specifically told not to bring cameras, however everyone else did, we listened to the rules, so you have to suffer through some grainy cellphone shots.

My favorite would be me and Angela. Angela stopped to chat and mentioned she was happy to do the interview. I have her a small TwoCents pin and she immediately put the pin on the scarf she was wearing.

I made my way through the crowd and got to talk to Bobby Ray Shafer (Bob Vance) and Craig Robinson too. I gave both of them pins. All such nice people.

A few times Craig Robinson took the stage and sang songs like "I Will Survive" and "Creep". The last of which I stood next to Ed Helms. Wow. Who knew rubbing elbows actually meant rubbing elbows?

Oscar and Phyllis showed up too. Again, all such nice people.

Nellie and I left with many chips (she won at roulette) worth of giveaways, but Ken Kwapis took to the stage to announce 6 prizes from NBC that went to the high money people, they were - Dwight's Glasses from Season 3, Dwight's Calculator Watch from Season 3, Dwight's green recorder, a watch worn by Michael, mustaches worn in the upcoming episode my Dwight, Jim and Michael and the big prize, the candy dish from Pam's desk! Lucky people!

The bus ride home the bus erupted with singing Flintstones. Nellie and I went to check out the Radisson bar, and upon leaving, were serenaded by Craig at the lobby piano playing the Office Theme. That was a good day!

See you all tomorrow morning!

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