Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"How I Met Your Mother" Recap & Review - "The Third Wheel"

How I Met Your Mother
"The Third Wheel"

Original Air Date: October 8, 2007

KP - TwoCents Head Writer

So, the kids are on the couch listening to Bob Saget's voice over and Ted is in a men's room somewhere telling Barney (on the phone) that he's about to go for the belt. I have no idea what this means, but I'm intrigued? Are you? Let's continue on shall we? Flashback an hour to Barney and Marshall playing Wii Tennis (Wimbledon style - so they get to use British phrases like "Cherry-Oh") and Ted showing he's "suited up". Robin is ready for a date with some new guy. Ted is in the bar waiting for the tennis stars when he's approached by.... wait for it.... Winnie Cooper! Aww yeah! The episode with Danica McKellar has finally arrived. She's named Trudy in this one. Flash back to 2 years ago and Ted and Trudy making out like 16 year olds after the prom. Back to now and Trudy and Ted make uncomfortable jokes about their one-night stand and here comes Rachel (Busy Philipps - ER, Dawson's Creek), Trudy's sorority sister! Ted and his friends (three beers) join them at the table.

Ted calls the tennis hall of fame to get some help from Barney about having these 2 girls both be into him. He's of no use, so Lilly decides to come help. From across the bar she calls Ted's cell to tell him yes - they are both into him. (Side note - have you EVER been able to hear someone on a cellphone in a bar? Yeah, me either) Both playing with their hair and touching his arm. The golden signs. Oh, Robin is doing the same things to her British date too. (I THINK it may be Kensei from Heroes, but I'm not sure - leave me a comment if I'm right.) Lilly can't decide which girl likes him more and which Ted should choose - but it doesn't matter because it's a "TRICYCLE!" Back to the belt line - yeah, Barney and Ted have a running joke that the first person to score a "Tricycle" would win the "Championship Belt". It's all coming together now isn't it? Speaking of that, the girls want to go to Ted's apartment to hear some music. Ted is frantically texting while they leave the bar... the warning is received and Lilly, Marshall and Barney run and hide. Where? In Ted's bedroom of course.

Barney breaks the CD! He's trying to "Trike-Block" Ted! Ted's back with the ladies, but he thinks of the belt and freezes! He says it's time to go. Barney admits to having the same issue in the past! Barney will not let fear steal the tricycle from Ted! Barney will help! Then we see Barney's thoughts acted out in a very fun clip of scenes. "Don't Postpone Joy". Ted comes back out of the room and the girls are gone... or are they? Nope, we hear the girls giggling in Marshall and Lilly's bedroom...Ted is at the door smiling...

So, did he? We don't know. Barney doesn't know. Will Ted ever tell us? Only time will tell! Good show tonight! I realize I didn't focus on Robin's date, but let's face it - who cares when a Winnie Cooper Tricycle is on the table, right?

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