Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Heroes" Recap & Review - "Kindred"


Original Air Date: October 9, 2007

Mr. Jillyree - TwoCents Staff Writer

What a difference a week makes!

Last week opened with Peter getting “Bauered”, but this week he is all chummy with the Irish Mob planning a robbery. Peter’s spidey sense kicks in, though, as he reads the thoughts of one of the men planning to double cross everyone. Head guy refuses to listen, though. “We are family” he says. Doesn’t he know no one will mess you over quicker then family?

Somewhere in Mexico, the Wonder Twins are tired of walking. Wonder Boy decides to steal a car, but he stinks at it. He is quickly caught by Barnito Fife, and taken to jail.

Remember the double personality lady and her weird kid? They are finally back. The scene is sad as they leave Las Vegas without their “walk through walls” father, who has not survived for the new season. His tombstone reads “Husband-Father-Hero”. It is sad, but it means Ali Larter is back on the market!

On a beach somewhere, there is a great body, until it gets to her face anyway. To each their own, I guess. She turns to her partner relaxing in a beach chair. SYLAR!!!! If they had not shown him in 2,725 previews, I would be stunned. As it is, I am still a little surprised. Sylar has stolen Peter’s power of amnesia, because he can’t remember anything either. “Where am I?” he asks, and it turns out he ain’t on no beach. Matrix-style, the whole scene turns into a lab, where Sylar finds himself still suffering the effects of Hiro’s super sword.

Parkman is awakened by a strange noise in the house. He whips out his gun instead of trying to read the mind of the intruder (why don’t they USE these powers once in a while). He almost shoots Mohinder. Instead of a happy reunion, they argue like an old married couple. Parkman is afraid Mohinder is in over his head with The Company, but Mohinder is sure he will be fine.

Ando has returned to Japan. He still has the Hiro’s super sword. Looking at it sadly, he notices a message to HIM on the bottom. Hiro has left him messages inside the handle of the sword. The rest of Hiro’s story will be told through the scrolls----Kensei is not happy about his new found power. Hiro tries to explain it is a gift, but Kensei is convinced it is a curse.

Back in Freaky Biology 101, Stalker has some fun at Claire’s expense, asking if a lizard and human could mate creating a human who could re-grow his arms (or a lizard that could drive). Claire does a great job of laying low by bursting into tears and running out of class.

Hiro is still trying to turn Kensei into a hero. They time warp to the home of the “fire scroll” which Kensei has to obtain. Hiro leaves him to the task, and goes back to mack on swordmaker’s daughter.

Back in high school, Stalker boy is consoling Claire (which is strange since it is his fault she is crying in the first place). She whines about being different, and Stalker boy sweeps her up and shows his flying ability. They must have been over budget with the effects, because the flying scenes looked like a cross between Superman and the Flying Nun.

Meanwhile, Peter begins his life of crime. He distracts the guards while the Irish guys rob the truck. The guards start shooting back, but Peter throws the truck at them. Read that sentence again and wonder why his only job was to distract the guards.

The Company has Mohinder set up in a new office. It is in Dead Future Painter’s office (it has to be, since this is only building in NY).

Hiro has set Kensei on the path to hero-hood, and is preparing to leave. However, he has grown very, very fond of swordmaker’s daughter, and unlike me, is not yet bored of feudal Japan, so he stays.

Nikki is leaving her son with family. After all he has been through; she has to find the safest place possible for her only son. There is no place safer then NEW ORLEANS!!!! She knocks on the door, and the Star Trek radio lady answers (I am really more of a Star Wars guy, so I don’t know her name).

Wonder Girl Twin tries to bail out her brother, but she only has $14. She decides to tell the cops she is wanted for murder so they will try to arrest her so she will get mad and kill them all. She gets her brother out of jail, they do the wonder twin thing, and save the American stoner kid who was dead in the next cell. He is grateful for being saved and offers the wonder twins a ride in his car, a car that looks a lot like the car Claire got stolen last week, right down to the “Honk if you love freaks who cut their toes off for fun” bumper sticker.

Sylar is up now and almost recovered. His lady friend fixes him breakfast, but he is just mad that he has lost his powers. She is, in fact, the Shape Shifter from season one, and proceeds to turn into many things to show him how she can help him regain his abilities. Sylar smiles and kills her so he can steal her power. When he tries it, however, it does not work. The camera pans out to show he is in a little metal hut on a big island.

Peter’s friends in crime are counting their money when one guy tries to doublecross everyone, just like Peter said. Peter enters the room and gets shot. Of course this does nothing, and Peter chokes the traitor Vader-style. Ringleader is so happy he gives Peter the box that contains his identity, no strings attached. Peter is scared of what is in the box and does not open it, making out with the semi-hot Irish girl instead.

Claire and Stalker are making out on a beach. She finds a mark on his neck-the mark of The Company. He tells how he was kidnapped for two days by a man with Horned Rimmed Glasses. Wonder how many of those are around?

Alone in his office/Isaac’s loft, Mohinder finally has time to look for the paintings. He is on the phone with HRG, crying like a baby because he is in over his head (props to Parkman for calling it). He finds one of the paintings. It says “8/8” in the corner. That means they have the beginning and they have the end. HRG is happy the picture is found until Mohinder sends him a picture of it….HRG’s dead body on the ground with Claire and Stalker boy in the background……..

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