Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Weeds" Recap & Review - "He Taught Me How To Drive By"

“He Taught Me How to Drive By”

Original Air Date: September 24, 2007

Maty - TwoCents Senior Staff Writer

In tribute to the memory of U-Turn The Individuals performed “Little Boxes”.

Buried in a hot tub we say goodbye to our favorite thug drug dealer - U-Turn. Nancy seems to mingle well with the other thugs thanks to U-Turn's mentoring program.

Now Sullivan is back at the city council trying to get the approval of his Crap Highway. It seems Doug and the other council members are jealous Celia is getting the house and have taken away their Yay votes. We do learn that to bypass the city council you have to get a referendum from the people of Agrestic, and Sullivan can get his Crap Highway.

Back at the funeral we learn Nancy isn’t off the hook, Marvin is the new man in charge. Conrad pushes Marvin to get even with the Mexicans for shooting him. He takes the bait and demands Nancy come with him to a Gang summit.

At summer school Isabelle joins Shane in his quest to avoid the Lords' large hand of learning. Shane determined to spoil everyone’s fun, ruins each new case the teacher brings up to trick the class into learning about Jesus. They raise an envelope declaring “this is a story of betrayal” and Shane responds Judas. The teacher tries again “This is the strange case of the mad scientist” Shane says, “Big bang's a lie and dinosaurs lived at the same time of man”. The teacher frustrated with Shane’s outbursts asks if he has a lesson he’d like to teach. Shane stands up and says, “I’d like to solve the mystery of the school that receives federal funding, yet promotes a religious curriculum in direct violation of Church, State separation mandates”.

Outside the funeral Conrad and Nancy have their first sit down. Conrad confesses that Marvin might not have been shot by the Mexicans but shot by someone else to start a war. Conrad brings up the fact that they kissed and Nancy brushes him off but does apologize for knocking over his plant.

At home Nancy finds out that Silas had a Tara sleep over. Tara answers Nancy by telling her she honors God with her abstinence. Shane then takes a chance to challenge Tara on evolution.

Andy is now working at a new catering job given to him by Sullivan. He’s catering on a porn set. He runs into a guy he is a big fan of. Big being the operative word there. Then some lovely naked women walk up to the food and Andy says ‘Oh, Ladies back away. One stray pube in the Tabulie, the heath department could shut down the whole buffet. Wait, look at you shaven mavens, I take it all back. Go ahead step right up”. They think he’s funny.

At the job Sullivan asks Nancy if she could do something shady and give some immigrants some paper work and make his construction workers legal. He also makes Nancy gather the signatures for his referendum.

Back at Jesus Camp Shane is getting bullied into loving Jesus. As the beatings begin, a young girl named Amelia appears like an angel to save Shane from his beating and his soul. Shane is smitten with this young bible thumper. Isabella witnesses this and has plans of her own. When last we left Isabella she was making her mother unhappy by thinking about girls.

Now Marvin brings Nancy to the Mexicans. He tells them he doesn’t want anything but the weed trade and the Mexicans can have the hard stuff. The head guy demands they give him back his Heroin. (Now we know where U-Turn got it) Nancy makes a deal with Marvin and the Mexicans that if she delivers it she would be free of all her debts. Since Marvin had a gun in his mouth, he agreed. The condition by the Mexicans is that they don’t want to see anyone selling anything in their territory. Especially weed.

Jump back to school where Shane is about to get his first lesson from Amelia about salvation, he learns that Isabella has usurped him with the greatest sin of all, being gay, and has taken Amelia’s services away from Shane. This breaks his heart.

Since Nancy is now free she feels the need to celebrate. After getting all the signatures for Sullivan she meets him in his office and seduces him just for the fun of it. FREEDOM!!!!!!!! Followed by celebration. This will not strengthen Nancy’s relationship with Celia. I don’t think she cares.

The last scene reveals the Crap Highway pouring out into a body of water. Oh did I say Body? Well that’s what pops up out of the water. It’s Peter's. Nancy's second husband and ATF agent.

This one was a fun episode and I look forward to the outrageous things Shane is going to say. This episode was like a bridge into the second half of the season. I like it. It was like finding a half smoked joint in the ashtray or in the back of a cigarette pack. It’s a nice surprise and it will make your evening NICE.

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