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"How I Met Your Mother" Recap & Review - "Wait For It"

How I Met Your Mother
"Wait For It" (Season Premiere)

Original Air Date: September 24, 2007

KP - TwoCents Head Writer

Well, the title says it all. We've been waiting for this premiere since the cliff hanger last season. We were at Marshall and Lilly's wedding when Robin and Ted made their big announcement... they broke up.

Go voice over of Bob Saget, reminding his kids that their mother's yellow umbrella had a lot to do with the story of them meeting, but this story wasn't about that yet.

So, here we are. Starts off with a Barney moment, the only way the season SHOULD start for HIMYM! By the time this show ends it run, the character of Barney (played so well by Neil Patrick Harris) will truly be Legen... wait for it ... DARY!

So, time goes by, Ted grows his necessary 'break up beard' and Robin went away to Argentina to get away from everything. Ted is constantly 'not ready' to date anyone, much to Barney's pain.

Robin brings back something from the trip. No, not one of those silly "All I got was this lousy t-shirts" deals, a man. Named Gael (pronounced Guy-El). But I like Marshall's take on it calling him Male Gayle. You may know him as Enrique Iglesias. And what do you know? Ted is now ready!

Time to shave the break-up beard - leading to some hilarious one-liners (Chester A. Arthur), and Ted is sure that Robin's just trying to 'win the breakup'.

Gael is a masseuse. Yeah, that's never good. Plus, Lilly thinks he's hot. That ends up with an awkward double date. Lilly and Marshall's mission - to hate Gael.

Ted and Barney hit the bar - go Barney monologue. Picture one along the lines of promising Ted they will find him a "12" to combat Robin bringing home a "10". And if they can't find a 12, they will find 2 6s, you get the idea. By the time we even get to the end of the Barneylogue, Ted is making out with a tattooed girly from the bar, and yeah, you're not seeing things, that's Mandy Moore.

Marshall tries to call Gael on his massage business, but alas, he has a card and everything, it's even laminated! Lilly gets a massage, uh oh, they are breaking down.

Amy (Mandy Moore) is a big trouble maker and even has Barney seeming like the uncool kid at the party. In the middle of crashing a hot tub, Amy convinces Ted to get a tattoo. Off to the parlor they go. Ted passes out and wakes up alone the next day. As he walks out of the room - BLAMO! He has a tattoo, but probably not the one he wanted...

What was it? Well, according to Lilly and Marshall and Barney the butterfly on Ted's lower back is a "Tramp Stamp". Yeah, turns out the tattoo artist was Amy's ex! Ted tries to wipe it off with - Spanish Massage Oil! Where did it come from? Flashback to Gael serenading them all with all his Enrique-ness, massages and feeding them mango. As Marshall said - "It got weird".

Ted's off to Robin's, they never got to yell irrationally. And don't we all deserve that in relationships? Those that break up amicably always miss out on that! Then the sappy, I wasn't over you stuff pours out. Yeah, never fun. Ted doesn't know what he has over Gael till Robin let's him know that Gael has a lot, but Ted is a 'bigger' man if you know what I mean. Ted's in the bar with the guys and proclaims "I WIN!". Cue the yellow umbrella walking by...

The button on the episode is a special gift for fans of the show. Let's just say... Barney should be afraid, very afraid. has been launched!

I'm so happy the show is back and it didn't disappoint. If you're a fan, you'll love it same as you did last year. If you don't know - it's time to get hooked!

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