Friday, September 14, 2007

"Prison Break" Primer - Part 3 (In Memoriam)

Tom R - TwoCents Staff Writer

A moment of silence, please, for these Prison Break characters who are no longer with us. They have moved on to a better place. You know…new shows or movies.

John Abruzzi
Played by: Peter Stormare
Also seen in: Fargo; Constantine; Minority Report; VW commercials (“Unpimp ze Auto”)
The crime lord was recruited into Scofield’s escape plan for his access to a private jet that could get the to Panama. As the break got closer, he had a religious experience. Once outside, he became the first member of the Fox River Eight to meet his fate, set up and gunned down by Alex Mahone and his men outside a motel. He was holding a cross in his hand when killed.

David Apolskis
aka Tweener
Played by: Lane Garrison
Also seen in: News headlines following a DUI tragedy.
The youngest of the Fox River Eight, Tweener had met up with a young girl on the road and was almost betrayed by her. He was captured and killed by Alex Mahone, revealing Mahone’s loyalties.

Veronica Donavan
Played by: Robin Tunney
Also seen in: The Craft; Empire Records; Dream On
In Season One, Veronica traced the conspiracy to arrive face to face with Terence Steadman in the season finale. Unfortunately, it was a trap. She was shot while she was on the phone with Linc, letting him know that Steadman was alive.

Special Agent Paul Kellerman
Played by: Paul Adelstein
Also seen in: Intolerable Cruelty; Cupid
The point man for Caroline Reynolds during the conspiracy, Kellerman was devoted to her. When she became President, Bill Kim was placed in the chain of command between Reynods and Kellerman, who became frustrated at being out of the loop. This led him to take sides with Burrows and Scofield. After considering suicide, he sought redemption by testifying in order to free Sara Tancredi. The testimony cost him his life.

Special Agent Bill Kim
Played by: Reggie Lee
Also seen in: The Fast and the Furious; Judging Amy; The Division; Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3
Kim blackmailed Mahone and Reynolds to achieve the ends of the conspiracy. Pursuing Scofield and Burrows to Panama, he arrived just after Linc learned he had been cleared. Kim raised his gun to shoot Scofield, but Sara Tancredi shot Kim first.

Charles Patoshik
aka Haywire
Played by: Silas Weir Mitchell
Also seen in: My Name is Earl; 24
A head case from the start, Haywire joined the Fox River Eight when he figured out what Scofield’s tattoos were all about. Once outside, he was unable to adjust and ultimately Mahone talked him into taking a dive off of a ledge.

Terrence Steadman
(1) Played by: John Billingsley (Earlier episodes)
Also seen in: The Nine; Star Trek: Enterprise
(2) Played by: Jeff Perry (final four episodes)
Also seen in: Nash Bridges; Grey’s Anatomy
The center of the conspiracy, Steadman was thought to have been killed by Linc, who was then convicted and sentenced to death. As Veronica unraveled the conspiracy, she discovered that Steadman was alive, and tracked him down for the season one finale. When Kellerman joined Burrows and Scofield on the road, he took them to Steadman’s hiding place in order to coerce Reynolds into a presidential pardon. Before they could do that, Steadman shot himself in a motel room. His body was identified as a John Doe.

Governor Fran Tancredi
Played by: John Heard
Also seen in: Big; Home Alone; Pollock; The Package
Tancredi’s daughter Sara worked in the Fox River infirmary and developed a relationship with Scofield. When he began to dig into the facts of the Burrows case, he found a recording of a call mad from Steadman to the White House after he had been allegedly murdered by Linc. Tancredi was murdered, but managed to lead Sara to the recording.

Charles Westmoreland
Played by: Muse Watson
Also seen in: NCIS; I Know What You Did Last Summer
Westmoreland was an older convict at Fox River. Piecing together the details of his arrest, Scofield concluded that Westmoreland was actually the celebrated thief D.B. Cooper, who disappeared after stealing millions. Scofield planned on uncovering the lost money. Westmoreland died in the breakout, but led Scofield to the location.

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