Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Gossip Girl" Recap & Review - "Pilot"

Gossip Girl

Original Air Date: September 19, 2007

Alicia, TwoCents Staff Writer

A mysterious blonde teenager gets off a train and makes her way into a crowded station in New York City. A bystander starts texting away on her phone to let the online world, more importantly secret blogger Gossip Girl know of this startling revelation. When something this big happens you go to Gossip Girl’s site for the latest dirt. All we know so far is this mysterious IT girl is someone. But who? It’s Serena Van Der Woodsen, former popular party girl. Arriving at the same time is Dan Humphries. Dan notices Serena. It’s clear he likes her. But, Serena doesn’t know Dan exists.

Serena’s friends Blair and Nate (who are together), and bad boy Chuck are at a party. Bored, Blair pulls Nate into her room where, right there and then, she wants to sleep with him. In the background Blair’s mother is heard speaking about Serena. Nate’s interest is peaked. Serena has just entered the party. Nate gets up to see her, but is blocked by Blair. Their reunion is cold. Serena says she is feeling sick and leaves.

Serena enters a hospital room where a boy sleeps. She sits next to him and waits. It is revealed that her brother is in the hospital for an attempted suicide.

We now learn more about Dan. Dan is obviously everything Serena isn’t. His family’s apartment is crowded. His dad is a washed up struggling musician. Dan doesn’t want anyone to know who he is and he is fine with that. But, his sister Jenny, is a Serena in the making. She wants to be known. So much so that she ends up making invitations to a “Kiss on the Lips” party.

Serena wants to start over so making amends with Blair is key, but Blair is apprehensive. As Blair leaves to meet Nate, Chuck enters and proceeds to hit on Serena. She isn’t interested but heads out with him to the kitchen of the hotel they are in. At which point Chuck is forceful with Serena. He isn’t successful and tells her that he has a secret on her. The year before, he witnessed Nate and Serena having sex at a wedding. Serena reminds Chuck she is trying to change.

Floors above them, Blair tries to seduce Nate. But, Nate has other plans. He ends their relationship. He feels the need to come clean about Serena. Blair gets upset and makes him leave. In the meantime, Serena leaves Chuck and bumps into Dan. On her way out, she drops her cell phone.

Nate later asks Blair for forgiveness, who takes him back.

Later, Dan tries to return the phone but is blocked by the security guard. Serena is stopped and asked about Dan. She plays along with him. Serena’s mom comes in and tells her she bought her a dress for the party. Not wanting to go, Serena says she has plans with Dan. As Dan leaves, Serena still wants to go out with him.

Kiss on the Lips starts! Everyone begins to loosen up including Jenny, who Chuck takes notice of. They talk for a moment and Jenny leaves with him as they head to the roof. On the roof Chuck gets grabby.

Dan picks up Serena at the hotel and they head to his dad’s gig at a club. They talk but before anything can happen, Dan gets a text from Jenny that mentions Chuck by name. He reads it out loud. Serena knows Jenny is in trouble and they head to the party. When they arrive, they look for Jenny with no luck. But, Serena decides to check out the roof and Dan follows. They find Chuck trying to take advantage of Jenny. Dan hits Chuck in the face. All three leave the party in a cab.

One catchy premise? Check! One annoying voiceover? Check! While the pilot delivers in the delicious-ness of backstabbing, lies, and fun, the voiceovers of mysterious blogger Gossip Girl don’t. Too often do we hear Gossip Girl speak. But, ultimately the audience will wonder why Serena came back. What or who does she want? And who is this blogger, students can’t get enough of? Welcome to the N.Y.C. b*tch!

[Photo: Patrick Harbron/The CW]

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