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Emmy's Live Blog!

Here's the deal.

We will be blogging live as the Emmy's are broadcast, starting around 6:45ish to include some of the E! Red Carpet show. We'll put the winners up as it happens too!

Keep Refreshing Throughout The Night!

8:08 P [KP] First award presented by Ray Romano. Who apparently said bad words as the tv screen froze. He's doing stand up and I don't know why. Just do the award.

*Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series*

Award goes to Jeremy Piven from Entourage. Good call. He makes that show. He called it an embarassment of riches to have that role. Nice short speech with love to his Dad.

8:14PM - America Ferrera and Vanessa Williams presenting the award for...

* Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series *

The Emmy goes to Terry O'Quinn from LOST. WOW! I never saw that one coming. First win for Terry, his second nomination. Thanked his wife right away. That's a sparkly tie he's rocking right there. He's comparing running around the woods to being on other shows. Very funny. The music is starting to play and Terry wraps it up quickly.

8:22 PM - Seacrest paying tribute to the actresses in the house. He's not funny. And made a Paula joke she didn't hear. Tina Fey and Julia Louis Dreyfus here to present the award for...

* Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy *

The Emmy award goes to Jaime Pressly from My Name is Earl. Of course I was rooting for Jenna, but she'll get nominated again. She seems so humble. By the way, yes this is the girl from "Not Another Teen Movie". TEARS! Love it when they cry.

8:26PM - Kyle Chandler and Katherine Heigl (who the announcer mispronounced her name) present the award for:

* Best Supporting Actor in a Mini Series *

The Emmy winner is Thomas Hayden Church for "Broken Trail". It's his first Emmy nom and win! I like him! Nice job!

8:34PM - Ellen in the house, talking to Dr. House. Yeah, I'm funnier than Seacrest. But Ellen is way funnier than anyone right now. Montage of one-liners. Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Bill Maher. Tribute to Tom Snyder by them all.

8:37PM - The boys from Entourage and Eva Longoria are here to present the award for...

* Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series *

The Emmy goes to Katherine Heigl from Grey's Anatomy. Something happened again where FOX went to the screeen. Katherine thanked her Mom and she calls this her dream come true.

8:41PM - Jon Cryer and Jennifer Love Hewitt here to present the Emmy for...

* Outstanding Writing for Music, Comedy or Variety Program *

The Emmy goes to the gang of people from Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

8:50PM - Seacrest talks about the show trying to be green. Presents a song from Tony Bennett and Christina Aguilera. Stepping Out with My Baby. There are about 100 dancers on the stage.

8:53PM - Alec Baldwin gives the award for...

* Outstanding Directing for Music, Variety or Comedy Program *

The Emmy goes to Rob Marshall for Tony Bennett: An American Classic.

8:55PM Keifer Sutherland and Ali Larter present the award for...

* Outstanding Lead Actor in a Mini-Series or Made for TV Movie *

Robert Duvall gets the Emmy for "Broken Trail". He talks about how every actor wants to do a Western. I think he's right!

9:03PM - Queen Latifa presents a special tribute to the 30 year anniversary of "Roots". A lot of the cast is here. WOW. That's cool. My first goosebump moment of the night.

9:06PM - The cast of Roots presents the award for...

* Outstanding Mini-Series *

The Emmy goes to Broken Trail. That's three wins for them so far tonight. Guess what you'll be able to buy in DVD real soon, if not already! Robert Duvall accepted on behalf of everyone.

9:09PM - Neil Patrick Harris and Hayden Panettiere are here to recap awards given at last weekend's Creative Arts Emmys.

9:11PM Leslie Caron is here to present the award for...

* Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series *

The Emmy goes to Alan Taylor for The Sopranos. It was the episode where Christopher is killed. Alan thanked his fellow nominees and everyone else he had on his list.

9:14PM - Next Award is...

* Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series *

David Chase takes it home for The Sopranos too.

9:20PM Steve Carell takes to the stage through the trap door to give some funny clips of "The Office" gang. Funny clips from Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer talking about Steve. All very funny. Rainn Wilson sat in his chair looking pissed. VERY FUNNY.

* Best Variety Music or Comedy Show *

The Emmy goes to Daily Show with Jon Stewart. John and Steve together again on stage. It's been too long.

9:25PM - Steve still there, giving the award for:

* Outstanding Variety Music or Comedy Special *

The fine people who brought you Tony Bennett: An American Classic wins the Emmy. Umm, Tony's wife is like 25.

9:28PM - Accounting firm of Ernst & Young. Yeah, we ALL love that part of the show. Marc Harmon and Marcia Cross are here to present the award...

* Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Mini Series or Movie *

Emmy goes to Judy Davis for The Starter Wife. Judy can't be with us this evening, or she's in the bathroom. One of the two.

9:31PM Chairman of the Emmy Awards is here to present the Governors' Award for charity work to FOX's Idol Gives Back and HBO's The Addiction Project.

9:35PM - Glenn Close, Kyra Sedgwick, and Mary Louise Parker are here applauding strong women characters. And here to present the award for...

* Outstanding Made for Television Movie *

The Emmy goes to Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. It's one of those awards where 30 people go up on stage.

9:38PM - Joe Montegna is here to present the special tribute to The Sopranos. The San Fran cast of Jersey Boys (Broadway Show) are here to help out with the tribute. As the boys sing, they show clips of Sopranos on the big screens around the auditorium. Everyone billed this as a big thing. I hope there is more to it. Would be good if they showed US the clips. There we go, they do it in time to watch Adrianna get killed. This guy from Jersey Boys looks terrified. Ok, here's the full cast of the show. There we go. Now we're cooking. They are coming from every aisle. It's like everyone who was ever on the show! The 4 Sopranos family members came out of the trap door. Ok, that was a little goose bumpy. One big company bow. HUGE Standing Ovation! Gonna miss that show.

9:49PM - Sally Field and Patrick Dempsey join us to present...

* Best Lead Actress in Mini Series or Movie *

The Emmy goes to Helen Mirren for Prime Suspect: Final Act. It's her 4th Emmy win! She admits she will talk until the dramatic music starts. HAHA! A very funny speech.

9:51PM - Louis Black is here to help us with reminding TV execs to leave the shows alone. Stop putting extra little clips and blurbs in your shows for the next show. Very nice. Including don't shrink the shows at the end and make the credits so that we can't read the names. They deserve to see their names!

9:55PM - Catherine Morris and Danny Pino are here to present the award for...

* Best Directing in a Mini Series, Movie or Dramatic Special *

The Emmy goes to Phillip Martin for Prime Suspect. That's 2 for them. He has nothing prepared to say. Yeah right.

Another one...

* Outstanding Writing in Mini Series, Movie or Dramatic Special *

Emmy winner is Frank Deasy for Prime Suspect - That's 3.

10:03PM - Masi Oka is here, with a laptop. He's here to present us a brand new award for...

* Creative Achievement in Interactive Television *

Masi is joined by TOM from MySpace via the internet. He's my friend! The Emmy for this award goes to the Current TV Network by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt. Al Gore is on EVERY award show!

10:07PM - Brad Garrett and Jolie Fisher are here. The award is...

* Outstanding Individual Performance in Variety Music or Comedy Program*

The Emmy Award goes to Tony Bennett for his Tony Bennett: An American Classic. That's multiple awards for him! This guy is pretty with it for 80 huh?

10:10PM - Anthony Anderson and Terri Hatcher come to the stage now. They are doing more Creative Arts winners. And bring out Guest Actor/Actress in Comedy winners Stanley Tucci and Elaine Stritch to present the award for...

*Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series*

The Emmy goes to Richard Shepard for his work on Ugly Betty. He didn't know what mic to go to. First win for Ugly Betty.

10:16PM - Nominees for...

* Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series *

The Emmy goes to Greg Daniels for writing the Gay With Hunt episode of "The Office".

10:23PM - Ryan Seacrest is wearing a costume from "The Tudors" which won the costume Emmy last weekend. Wayne Brady is here, laughing at Ryan's outfit. He's bringing up two people to compete to present the next award. This is a funny bit. Rainn Wilson and Kanye West are called up. The theme of the competition - the songs of Kanye West! Very funny. Kanye messed up, he said 'you' and not 'ya'. HAHA! This is actually a funny bit.

Rainn's turn. He gets it right. And presents...

* Outstanding Reality Competition *

The Emmy goes to The Amazing Race. AGAIN!

10:36PM - Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart are here to present the award for...

* Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series *

The Emmy goes to Ricky Gervais from Extras! Ricky isn't there tonight. GREAT show! Steve Carell runs up to the stage to accept it anyway! HAHAHA!! They all jump around. I was laughing so hard!

10:38PM - Felicity Huffman and Hugh Laurie present the award for...

* Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series *

The Emmy goes to Sally Field for her work on Brothers and Sisters. WOW! I didn't see that coming. Good for her! Well done Sally! She said it's for all the mothers of the world. FOX went to still frame cause she said something controversial apparently.

10:42PM - Farewell to all the TV people who we lost in the past year. Mr. Wizard, Peter Boyle, Steve Irwin, Jack Palance, Tom Poston ... this stuff always makes me sad.

10:PM - William Shatner and Debra Messing are here to present...

* Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series *

The Emmy goes to America Ferrera from Ugly Betty. No surprise. EVERYONE voted for her and the entertainment world LOVES her. She makes a nice dreams come true speech.

10:54PM - Jimmy Smits and Kate Walsh get together to give the award for...

* Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series *

The Emmy goes to James Spader from Boston Legal in a huge upset over Gandolfini in his farewell season of The Sopranos. I'm shocked. Spader said he feels like he stole a pile of money from the mob. It's true James. It's true.

11:02PM - Ok, we're officially over time. Fox brings out their stars - Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton to give the award for...

*Outstanding Comedy Series *

The Emmy goes to 30 Rock. Here comes the whole cast. They are so happy, as they should be. Stunner. I'm stunned. Tina Fey thanked their dozens and dozens of viewers. HAHA!

11:08PM - Our last award is presented by Helen Mirren and is for...

* Outstanding Drama Series *

The final Emmy goes to the cast/crew of The Sopranos! It's about time they are recognized. I'm still stunned about Gandolfini and Falco not winning, but here they all come. Well done, we'll miss you Sopranos!

A long night has come and gone. We'll see you all next year!

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