Sunday, September 16, 2007

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Keep Refreshing Throughout The Night!

KP (6:43)- Ok, so I'm sitting here watching Ryan Seacrest constantly remind people that he works a lot of jobs including hosting the show tonight.

KP (6:49) - Jaime Pressly is with Juliana. I laugh when people who were in all these silly movies (aka Ali Larter) like Jaime make things right with their careers. Jaime could take home the award tonight.

KP (6:52) - Carson from "Queer Eye" and some other girl are "Glamorstrating" people. John Madden is pissed somewhere right now.

KP (7:01) - William H. Macy there with Felicity. William H is the man!

KP (7:06) - Steve Carell with his wife Nancy is there! Steve brought his own little mini fan with him. All the stars have been talking about how hot it is on the carpet today. Poor Steve - he's really sweating.

KP (7:16) - John Krasinski talking with Julianna. John came with a pregnant woman.... it's not his. It's his agent, so everyone calm down now.

KP (7:21) - Jenna is with Kristen now. She is wearing a dress that is easy on her back, but she's wearing heels, so she must be doing better. She's not 100% but she's at 98%. She said that they haven't filmed a "sloppy kiss" yet this season.

KP (7:32) - Neil Patrick Harris verified with Kristen that there will be a threesome on How I Met this year. Of course Barney will be involved.

KP (7:42) - The Emmys will be done in the round tonight. That means the stage is in the center and the audience around every side. Should be interesting.

(8:00) KP - Here we go. 8pm! Brian and Stewie from Family Guy about to lead it off.

(8:03) KP - WOW! Hilarious! The Sopranos line of the song - very funny.
8:03 PM [sm] That Sopranos line made me laugh
8:03 PM [Maty] that was a good sopranos joke

8:03 PM [KP] Wow, Seacrest is not good.

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