Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another TV Reunion Trick

According to the Hollywood Reporter the married couple from "Roseanne" is getting back together!

No, not Roseanne and Dan, it's Darlene and David! You know, Sarah Gilbert and Johnny Galecki.

Galecki is one of the stars of CBS' new comedy - "The Big Bang Theory" and Gilbert has just signed on to play a love interest for his character.

[Photo: Robert Voets/CBS]


  1. I am hearing some great things about The Big Bang Theory on Mondays on CBS starting on September 24 at 8:30PM.
    It is very,very funny. Everyone who has seen the pilot loves it. It comes from Two and Half Men's Chuck Lorre. This could be the next hit
    show. See clips from the show

    here :


    or see clips here :



  2. It was Darlene and David. Not Becky.


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