Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Weeds" Recap & Review - "The Brick Dance"

"The Brick Dance"

Original Air Date: Monday, August 27, 2007

By Maty
TwoCents Senior Staff Writer

This week little boxes was done in a disco Spanish version and they refused to tell us who sang it. I asked…nicely. I think it was Spanish…I don’t know, I kept hearing the word Casa so I thought it was Spanish.

Where were we? Oh yeah Nancy has decided to not have any secrets and tell the family everything just so they can be aware of the danger. She then asks the family “who has ideas for making a lot of money quick?" Shane says he has a stock portfolio worth $2600, and Nancy tells him to cash out. Shane replies if he liquidates now he’ll pay a penalty. Nancy insists.

Jump to Celia meeting with her divorce lawyer for the first time, played by the iconically great Carrie Fisher. (I’d much rather see her act then judging hacky film makers.) Celia finds out that her only real asset is her daughter's Huskeroos contract. (Huckeroos is a clothing line for chubby kids that Isabelle does commercials for.) She calls it a cash cow, which Celia agrees to the cow part of it. The lawyer suggests getting full custody of Isabelle is the best thing for her and offers to help the court see Dean as unfit by stating to Celia "You’re not the one who cupped her prepubescent breast after a few too many chardonnays”. Even Celia isn’t mean enough to make that up about on Dean.

Meanwhile Andy is back at the Army recruiter trying to convince them that since a dog bit off two of his toes that he’s not fit for duty. The Recruiter tells him we are at war and the rules have changed. Shane who came with Andy interjects with “actually…technically operation Iraqi Freedom is an extended military engagement. War’s not been declared.” They all argue for awhile and Andy is told that he won’t even see combat he’ll have a desk job.

Nancy goes to Doug to see about her finances, while Heylia and Conrad look for a new place to start their business. Conrad is going to grow for Heylia behind U-Turns back. Heyia says “you let me worry about U-turn, you just grow.”

Celia is trying to spend time with Isabelle, which isn’t working very well. The conditions of her hotel is pretty bad and Isabelle finds a used condom in her bed. The next day Isabelle calls family services on her and an agent shows up.

Andy is off to basic training. Silas is off to court. Nancy goes to pay U-turn what she has which is only about Seven Grand. U-turn is not happy with this and tells Nancy she is going to work it off in trade and sends her to pick up a package.

Nancy arrives at bar full of Spanish speaking gentleman. The situation is not good. Nancy asks for the package and is told she’ll only get it if she does a brick dance. After several tries Nancy lets go and does a suitable brick dance and gets the brick. Before she leaves they tell her to tell U-turn “he’s a lawn jockey now”.

Nancy gets back to U-turn who isn’t happy with the brick. He paid for something much bigger and he takes it out on Nancy. Raising her debt.

Shane gets sentenced by the judge to 6 months community service, because Celia asked for leniency. Nancy still won’t have anything to do with her.

Andy realizes that there is no desk job and he is in the army for real. Celia gets destroyed in a divorce court settlement and tells Isabelle “you want me out of your life? I’m out”.

Nancy is breaking up the brick U-turn told her to sell for him at a ridiculous profit when the doorbell rings. It’s a DEA agent who asks her about Peter, her dead ATF agent husband. BLACKOUT

This was a pretty good episode. A lot of the side stories got moved forward, but the main storyline seems to be stalled. I don’t need giant steps, just some movement. Maybe Nancy’s contact with the Spanish gang may lead to U-turns death…who knows. I just hate to see Nancy pay this guy off. I don’t think she can, for us to be satisfied. Next week we add Matthew Modine and soon after Mary Kate Olsen. So stay tuned.

I give this episode a Quarter of Swag. It looks like a nice bag but it’s dry and you have to de-Seed it. Who’s got an album cover I could use?


  1. Nice recap..I thought the episode was just ok..I loved the song she danced to in the Mexican bar..Any idea who it was and the name of the song? It was like a banjo ruckus/hip hoppy jam..

  2. I'm glad you like the recap. After a little searching found out the name of the song is "nosebleed" by a band called Illinois. You can find the song on iTunes. I hope that helped. Enjoy the Two Cents.


  3. U-turn didn't pay for something bigger, he paid for heroin not pot.


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