Thursday, August 9, 2007

Two Cents & Five Questions With...

... Yvette Nicole Brown, Actress

Did the woman on the phone at Variety during last Sunday's episode of "Entourage" look familiar? If your a fan of "The Office", I'm sure she did!

In the second of our "Office" interview series, leading up to the Season 4 Premiere, we've caught up with Yvette Nicole Brown who played the memorable role of "Paris", Dwight's co-worker at Staples during "The Return" episode last season.

Here are Yvette's Two Cents & Five Answers!

TwoCents: Tell TheTwoCents readers about yourself and how you started in "show biz".
Yvette Nicole Brown: I'm originally from East Cleveland, Ohio. I moved to L.A. to be a singer and I did that for a while with a bit of success (signed to Motown/Biv 10 Records while still a teen as part of "The East Coast Family" a group of new talents that included Boyz II Men) after that ran its course I worked a bit as a legal secretary... putting my college degree to good use. It was good money but I was dead inside (HA!)
One day I got the chance to audition for a Gospel play that was going to be touring the nation for 6-months. To my shock and horror (I was terrified of actually making a go of it as an actor) I booked the part. I took a leave of absence from my legal job and went on the road and I LOVED it! I was "bitten" by THE bug! When I returned to L.A. I quit my job, got a commercial agent and started to pursue acting full-time, while paying the bills with temp work.
Within that first month I booked my first commercial for "1-800-ATT" working with D.L. Hughley. After that, everything began to snowball. I booked a 2-episode arc or "Girlfriends" WITHOUT an agent (which is HUGE!) a supporting part in "Little Black Book" working with Brittany Murphy, Holly Hunter and Kathy Bates (HELLO!?! in my FIRST film?! NiiiiCE!) and then a series regular on a short-lived ABC sitcom called, "The Big House". "Drake & Josh" soon followed as did some movies and guest starring parts on some really cool shows like, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Two & a Half Men" and the beloved "The Office"! :)

TC: You've been seen in shows such as "The War at Home", "Half & Half", "That 70s Show", in the film "Dreamgirls" and more. What path led you to playing the role of Paris the Staples co-worker of Dwight on "The Return" episode of "The Office"?
YNB: I actually guest starred on an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and that show is cast by the FABULOUS Alison Jones, who also casts "The Office". When the part of Paris (originally named Delores... just a little trivia) came about, she called me in to audition. Alison is awesome in that way, if she likes you and your work, she calls you in for everything she casts. It's such a blessing. Anyway, I auditioned and got the part and was OVER THE MOON! I love "The Office!"

TC: What was the experience like working on a hit show like "The Office" even if it was for a "too short" time? And sharing a scene with Rainn Wilson?
YNB: The entire experience was GOLDEN! From auditioning, through finding out I booked, to working with Rainn! I am such a huge fan of the show I was BEYOND psyched!!! As for my work experience... the show is scripted, but they give you a take or two to just say whatever you want. I got to improv with Rainn Wilson!!!! Let me tell you, it's like finding out you're in the World Series and you just started little league. I was terrified! HA! But he's such a generous actor. He wants everyone in the scene to get the chance to shine, and trust me, that can't be said for every actor. He's truly a kind, kind man! Steve Carell is really nice too. He was getting over a cold the day I was on set with him so he was a little "green around the gills" but still just the nicest man!

TC: What websites do you like to visit for your own entertainment?
YNB: I am a Myspace junkie...they really need a 12-step program to ween folks off of it. And I also love and I know, I know... gossip is bad... but there's something about celebrity gossip and the silly way it's delivered that's just so darn addictive! I then go to to get my daily Bible verse and repent for reading gossip. :)

YC: What can we look forward to seeing you in soon?
YNB: I was actually on "Entourage" this past Sunday, August 5th on HBO... they even used part of my scene in the previews! I was like, "Wow, I have officially ARRIVED!" HA! I will also be in the series finale of "Drake & Josh" which is actually a special movie airing on Nickelodeon called, "Really Big Shrimp" (love that name!) and I also have a part in the new Eddie Murphy movie, "Starship Dave". Then there's three new commercials coming up for "Aquapod/Arrowhead water", "Time Warner Cable" and "Best Buy". That's about it! Thanks for asking! :)

**TwoCents Bonus Question!!**
TC: If someone were to climb off a desert island and only have time to watch five movies to learn what American cinema is all about, what five movies would you show them?
YNB: Ooh, good question... I'm not a film scholar, please keep that in mind as I rattle on about my favorites... but here goes:
1) "All About Eve"... the best movie EVER in my opinion. The dialogue is GOLD!
2) "Kill Bill vol. 1&2"... yeah, they're ridiculously violent and violence is BAD, but they show an exaggerated version of what Amercian cinema can be about. They're great movies, too.
3) "When Harry Met Sally"... ya gotta have a romantic comedy! And this is one of the BEST in my opinion. It was a toss-up between this and "While You Were Sleeping" (I LOVE Sandra Bullock!)
4) "Labrynth"... American cinema is all about fantasy as well. This is and oldie but goodie with music (David Bowie!), puppets (er... Muppets?!) and a young Jennifer Connelly. One of my favorites.
5) "Independence Day"... I know, it may be cheesy to some, but I love this movie! Besides, ya can't talk about American cinema without a good ole action film! I figured it's got the whole extra-terrestrial/sci-fi angle covered too. Then there's a touch of comedy as well and romance. This might be the movie equivalent of "the total package!" HA!

So, keep your eyes peeled on TV and you're sure to come across Yvette sooner or later! Thanks to Yvette for taking the time to talk with us and for being a part of this great big "Office" World!


  1. I loved her in Staples. Makes me laugh every time I watch it on my itunes!

  2. a perfect foil for dwight in that show. i didn't know she has done so many things. that's great.


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