Thursday, August 9, 2007

"My Name is Earl" Repeat Recap & Review - "Robbed a Stoner Blind"

My Name is Earl
"Robbed a Stoner Blind"

Original Air Date: November 16, 2006

[Submitted by: Breanna P.]

Earl and Randy want to cool off during a major heat wave in Camden County. Both stand at the motel pool and are waiting for the mice to stop swimming in it so they can get in. Earl is then reminded of #26 on his List when, during a past heat wave, Earl and Randy stole an air conditioner (along with other items one at a time) from Woody, “The Stoner Guy,” who was too out of it to realize they were even there multiple times to rob him. Earl goes to Joy and takes her air conditioner to Woody, who now lives in a dung cottage at a hippie colony. Woody does not remember Earl or Randy since, although he is now sober, his past drug use has left him with a poor memory. Earl tells Woody he has to return all of the items he stole from him, but Woody says he no longer needs “items of convenience” since he has freed himself from the outside consumer society. Earl and Woody agree on Earl and Randy living at the commune for a week to see how life without those items is better for all of them.

Randy hates living at the colony, especially when someone tells him they “don’t believe in plastic”. Randy and Earl help the hippies with their chores and eat the vegetables they plant using human manure (and that’s all they eat). Randy freaks out when the hippie production of a Friends episode combined with his hunger from only eating vegetables all week makes him lash out at everyone. A “concerned” hippie then gives Randy a paste made from “special herbs from the woods” to eat once a day. Randy eats too much of the paste and begins seeing people in the form of Claymation figures.

While Randy is doing nothing but seeing Claymation figures and staring after leaving the commune, Earl decides to be more eco-friendly and goes around Camden County on a bicycle. Earl takes his new cause to Joy and Darnell’s house to try and curb their high-polluting ways. After they refuse to do so, Earl sees that everyone around him is canceling out his efforts to make the Earth cleaner. Earl resorts to flattening tires and breaking electrical boxes to prevent people from wasting energy. When that doesn’t work to stop worldwide global pollution, Earl loses it and goes back to the commune. Woody reveals to Earl that the List is his destiny and that he’s been taking on way too much by trying to save the world from global warming. To make himself feel better and to officially cross #26 off, Earl returns home to continue working on his List and decides to be Earth-friendly for five minutes a day. Randy regains his normal vision when Earl returns and is also happy that their time connected with the commune is over.

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