Friday, August 31, 2007

"The Office" Conference Room - "Women's Appreciation" (Take 2)

The Conference Room is special today!

Last night NBC aired "Women's Appreciation". You can click HERE to get the feedback from your favorite Office fan sites from when the episode originally aired.

A constant contributor to TheTwoCents, FancyNewBeesly, visited the set the say they shot this episode and has filed the following story about her experience. Enjoy!

Laura Ann
TwoCents Guest Columnist

After being lead on the grand tour of The Office set & sitting at Pam Beesly's desk & stealing a "THIS MAN IS A PERVERT!" flyer from the wall I figured that my weekend in Los Angeles could not possibly get any better.

Then Bob (Bobby Ray Shafer who plays Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration) asked Sarah (founder of, Claudia, & I if we wanted to go get lunch. He drove us to a mall & we drove around the parking lot for about 10 minutes before we saw a row of trailers. We walked into the mall & Bob took us around in circles & it became apparent that he was looking for something. We did not know what. Finally, he saw someone & said,"Where is The Office?" The person pointed down a scary hallway that lead to a steel door. Bob opened it. It was definitely a "It's like Lost when they met the Others" Dwight Schrute moment. We walked out into a parking garage. All of a sudden in front of us out walked Michael Scott, Pam Beesly, Meredith Palmer, Angela Martin & Karen Fillipelli. They were all in costume & walking out of a shot. I saw that to my left was a small film crew. Someone yelled "Cut!" & it was time to go to lunch. A group of white vans came & picked everyone (including us!) up.

I was in the van with a couple of PA's & a few makeup & wardrobe ladies. We arrived at the trailers & there was the infamous buffet of FABULOUS food! As I stood there piling my plate with food I soaked in the entire scene. Behind me Rashida Jones had taken off her shoes & put on a pair of Uggs. A couple of the PA's were looking for Mindy Kaling. Jenna Fischer had put on a light jacket & was standing about 2 feet away from me. She was still in costume & really looked like she was still in Pam-mode so I didn't have a clue what to say. So I didn't say anything. Angela Kinsey was talking fast & loud to the chefs & Sarah motioned to me to look around. I turned & right across the table from me was Steve Carell joking about the prime rib. I heard a PA tell them that there was only 30 minutes for lunch so I made the decision not to bother any of them.

Sarah, Claudia, & I walked into one of the trailers & sat down with the cast & crew. It's true! They all really do eat together cafeteria style in a giant trailer. Phyllis Smith & Kate Flannery walked in & Phyllis sat next ot me & Kate across from me. They were absolutely adorable & very different from their characters. Phyllis is a sweetheart & very serious & personable. Kate is a bundle of energy & even though she was in Meredith clothes her personality made her bloody gorgeous! She's adorable & talkative & so much fun. When she realized who we were she got back up out of her seat & gave us all hugs & said how weird it was to see people in 3-D after seeing their pictures online all the time. Over on my far left I saw Gene Stupnitsky (writer) eating with the legendary Harold Ramis who directed the episode! I ate lunch in the same room as a Ghostbuster! :)

It was really fun to see everyone interact with each other because everyone called each other by their character names. Bob kept referring to Phyllis as his wife & that was too funny. One of the PA's came in & announced that lunch was over & that everyone was to go back to wherever they were supposed to be. Kate told us that she'd see us at Paley & definitely at her Lampshades show on Saturday. Phyllis said that she wanted pictures at Paley Fest later that night. We said 'goodbye' to everyone & Bob drove us back to our hotel. There are many words to describe that day & the weekend that followed but the only appropriate one is "dawesome."

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