Monday, August 6, 2007

Maty's Movies - "The Simpsons Movie"

[Submitted by: Maty]

Nothing new and still entertaining.

Going to see the Simpson’s Movie was an expensive way to be entertained by something I can see at home. Within in the first minute of the film Homer stands up in the movie theatre where the family is watching the Itchy and Scratchy film and declares we’re all idiots to be paying for something we can see at home. So the producers know they are stealing from us, okay at least we got that straight.

This movie works on the premise on familiarity. The story works the way all Simpsons episodes work where the first ten minutes have nothing to do with the real plot. The story centers around Homer and some decisions he makes that effect not only his family but all of Springfield. Sound familiar?

The one really disappointing thing about this film was the use of the external characters. Other then Flanders most of our Simpson favorites have a line or two but are sadly under used, while a new character played by Albert Brooks dominates the best supporting. Couldn’t we have more Wiggum or Moe or even make Monty Burns our bad guy?

All in all the jokes are funny, surprising, and well constructed, but unlike the South Park movie there was no overall purpose. The movie never took advantage of the medium of film, their social intelligence, or the opportunity to break the mold they created so long ago. It was just like a longer episode of what we used to see on TV every Sunday at eight.

I enjoyed this movie as did the entire audience I saw the film with. I just left the theatre feeling; what was the purpose? Why after all these years did they finally make a Simpson’s Movie? Is it just about the money? Do they need it? Other then George Lucas no one does merchandising like the Simpsons.

An entertaining movie but again, nothing new. B-

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