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"Supernatural" Recap & Review - "In My Time of Dying"

In My Time of Dying
Original Airdate: Thursday September 28, 2006
[Submitted by: Jenny D]

After a recap of Season 1, we find out what happens after the Demon plows a semi into the Impala with John, Sam and Dean inside. Sam awakens to find John and Dean badly hurt and unconscious. The Demon comes to Sam, and although Sam has the colt, the Demon knows he will not waste the last bullet.

Dean wakes up in a hospital bed and goes to find his family. As he wonders around the hospital where no one will look at him or speak to him, he stumbles upon someone in a coma: himself. Sam comes in and Dean tries talking to him. Sam can’t hear him as the doctor comes in to tell him that his dad is awake. The doctor explains that Dean’s chances of living are slim. But knowing that Dean is too important of a character, I wasn’t too worried about it.

Sam goes to John to talk about what they can do to help Dean. John brings up the Colt. Sam assures his dad that it is safe. Sam gets upset that Dean is dying, and all his dad cares about is the colt. John wants Sam to collect ingredients for a “protection spell”. Sam later finds out that the spell is for summoning the demon. When Sam confronts John about the spell, they argue. Dean gets angry, hits a glass of water and manages to make it fall and break. Very “Ghost” if you ask me. Just as this happens, Dean starts flickering as his body “dies”. He sees the reaper floating over his body, trying to take his soul. He grabs it and the reaper leaves. As he chases the reaper, he hears a girl named Tessa yelling. She is in the same situation as him. He explains to her what is happening and she is a little too accepting of the situation. To me, this gives away who she really is in this episode.

Sam tells John that he felt Dean’s presence. He gets a Ouija board to try to contact Dean. Dean tells Sam that there is a reaper that is taking the souls of people as they die in the hospital. Sam goes to John for help, but finds his hospital bed empty. He finds a page in his dad’s journal on Reapers. Dean figures out that Tessa is the Reaper and questions her about it. She explains that it would be easier for him to see her like that instead of her true form (he is after-all, a man).

Sam is back at Dean’s hospital bed where we see a touching moment between the Winchester boys. Sam tells Dean he can’t live with out him. A little mushy, but heartfelt. In the next room, Dean is trying to convince the Reaper not to take him, that is place on Earth is too important. She tells him that he does not have to go with her, but he cannot go back into his body. He will become the angry spirit that they hunt if he stays. Wouldn’t that be ironic.

John goes to the boiler room to summon the Demon. He offers up the colt to the Demon in exchange for Dean to be ok. The Demon acts uninterested in the deal. He asks John if he knows the truth abut Sammy and the other children. A secret we find out later in the season. John gets irritated and asks if he can bring Dean back or not. The Demon says he cannot, but knows someone who can, IF he sweetens the pot with something he wants more than the colt.

Dean is coming to terms with what is happening (which I do not believe Dean would just give in) just as the Demon comes in, possesses the Reaper. The Reaper heals Dean and he wakes up back in his hospital bed. John comes in and Sam questions where he was last night. He accuses him of going after the Demon. He obviously knows exactly what his dad was doing. John says he doesn’t want to fight and asks Sam to get him coffee. John and Dean have their touching moment where John tells Dean how proud he is of him. He leans down to tell Dean something and walks away. He hands over the colt. Sam finds his dad dead on the hospital floor. Don’t worry, this isn’t the last we will see of John.

Overall, I thought the episode was good, a little predictable though. I would give it a B+.

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