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Comic Geek Review - "Ultimate Spider-Man #111"

The Comic Geek review of:

Ultimate Spider-Man

Issue # 111,
Marvel Comics
Release date 7/18/2007

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis, Art by: Mark Bagley, Stuart Immonen

Ultimate Spiderman is a Marvel comic published since 2000. The title is a modernized version of Spiderman’s origin and earlier days. The hope was that Spiderman’s story could be retold in a hip, modern way, that today’s youngsters could embrace. The series has succeeded and has been a huge seller. As a boy in the 80’s I loved Spiderman, and he was by far my favorite superhero. When I first heard about Ultimate Spiderman and the changes to the character I loved so much, I admit, I hated the idea. Well, I was way off on this one, as this is one cool Spiderman.

Issue 111 is a landmark issue, as Mark Bagley the series artist since book one, has decided to work on different projects. Considering Bagley originally signed on for six issues, this is quite the run. This issue was co-drawn by Stuart Immonen, his replacement, and is considered a "passing of the torch."

The story itself consists of Peter Parker and Aunt May sitting down and talking about Spiderman and why all the things that have happened up to now have happened to Peter. Aunt May tells Peter for a long time she blamed herself for Uncle Ben's death because she is the one that wanted to move into their current house even though he didn't. She also told him she has been seeing a psychiatrist for the past year. This conversation was drawn by Bagley, and was a fitting end to his legacy. Stuart Immomen drew the scene with Peter explaining that before he picked up May at the hospital, he fought the criminal Spot at a Roxxon warehouse. This scene was filled with action and a neatly drawn fight sequence. It was a good way for Immomen to kick off his career with Ultimate Spiderman, and the art was top notch and extremely detailed. I am looking forward to seeing how a new artist influences this series which is one of the best comics on the market today. The last page of the comic shows a happy and less burdened Spiderman swinging through the city and almost off the page. Classic image, great last shot for Bagley.

This issue, I believe, will go down as a classic Ultimate Spiderman issue and one I suggest any Spiderman fan, casual or hardcore, picks up.

Issue # 111 rating 4 of 5
Overall Series rating 5 of 5

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