Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Reader Review - "Man vs. Wild"

You spoke and we listened!

One of the shows you said you wanted to see covered here on TheTwoCents was "Man vs. Wild" on The Discovery Channel.

One of our readers, Sarah, stepped up and offers her review of last weekend's season premiere of the show!

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[Submitted by Sarah]

Man vs. Wild

Every episode of this show is fantastic! I had been counting the day down until the new season of Man vs. Wild. Bear Grylls is simply one of the coolest human beings! He’s better then any action hero on TV because he is real! Anyone that can eat raw zebra with a side of elephant dung juice is a hero.

This week we catch Bear deep in the Florida Everglades. He drops in and decides that he needs to head west and starts to make his way through the rough terrain. Some of my favorite parts of this show are when Bear freaks out and starts talking to the camera crew. In this episode he comes upon some bubbles in the marsh (thinking it could be a gator) and yells to the crew to get in a tree quick. The look on his face… priceless! As night falls he has to make a tree house to sleep in and always a delight to watch… Bear taking his pants off. If you watch this show regularly then you know Bear likes to take his cloths off. Funny, I never get tired of it.

As he wakes up he continues west trying to find dry land. Another great part of this show is seeing what Bear is going to eat. This episode he finds some ant larva (5 times more protein then mean) a frog and eats it whole letting the audience know you have to kill it with the first bite or else it will wiggle the whole way down, then he kills a turtle and smokes it and surprisingly it tastes like chicken.

The thing about this show is as I watch it I know that if I was in the situation I would NEVER be able to do the things Bear can but I love to think that maybe I could. Could I get myself out of a sink hole? Probably not but I could watch Bear get out of them all day long! Next week we go to Iceland…. I’m not sure if Bear will take his pants off but one can hope!

Till next week I leave you with this bit of Gyrlls advise: Don’t use Spanish moss as bedding in your shelter… it has chiggers in it.

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