Friday, June 8, 2007

Closer's Kyra in EW!

In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly (on newsstands on Friday, 6/8), they have a spotlight on Kyra Sedgwick.

Kyra balances her time as a mother and an actress, by switching off movie jobs with husband Kevin Bacon. In this interview, Kyra opens up about being away from her kids, her love for character driven roles, as well as the idea of botox injections for actresses over forty.

Some snips from the EW article:

Sedgwick and her husband made a deal many years ago. While one took a job, the other stayed at home with the kids. This would have been perfect, but Sedgwick’s husband - actor Kevin Bacon - works a lot. As James Duff, a friend of Kyra’s and the series creator of her hit show The Closer put it, “they don’t play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon for nothing.”

“I have spent a lot of time saying no to things—I have,” she says. “I don’t think [Kevin] wanted to see me do that with [The Closer].” And the TNT series came along at the perfect time. The kids were getting older and Sedgwick was turning 40—the age at which may actresses come into their own just as the parts dry up. It’s also when many actresses consider enhancements like Botox, lip collagen, even plastic surgery. Would Sedgwick? “Absolutely,” she declares. “Because I’m a big believer in ‘whatever makes you feel better.’ Because I’m in a business where my face is really important…. Because what is really the difference between putting makeup on and having stuff shot into your face?”

As for her plum role in The Closer. The fact that such a part comes in a procedural drama is, frankly, shocking. “I’ve been offered those Law & Orders over the years,” she reveals. “I sat down with Dick Wolf and said, ‘Is it going to be character-driven?’ He said, ‘No. It’s plot-driven.’ I was like, ‘Thanks, but I can’t. It just wouldn’t work for me.’” It’s with a certain irony, then, that Sedgwick is the face of TNT, as the network moves from Law & Order morgue to creator of original content.

Check out the full article in Entertainment Weekly or visit their site at!

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