Friday, May 18, 2007

"The Office" Season 3 Finale Contest Winners!!

WOW! You guys really made this contest work!

How come no one has entered our other contest yet then? HUH?

Anyway! This really helped show how much we truly do love this show and everyone on it!

We had over 80 submissions! And the favorite moments had a HUGE range! Let's look at some stats shall we?

- Of the 80+ votes, we had 39 different moments nominated!

- Dwight was mentioned in the most moments totaling 13 different moments! Second was a tie between Jim and Michael with 8, and a surprising third place finish with 6 different moments goes to CREED!

- The combo of Dwight and Jim were in 5 moments, JAM were in 3, and Dwight and Michael in 2.

- Full ensemble moments were mentioned 4 times.

- The following characters were all mentioned at least once: Jim, Pam, Dwight, Michael, Angela, Andy, Karen, Kevin, Meredith, Oscar, Creed, Roy, Jan, and Ryan.

- Big names not mentioned were: Kelly, Toby, Stanley, Phyllis, Bob Vance - Vance Refrigeration, or Darryl.

I'll help out here. Kelly in the Mall! Toby at the wedding after the bouquet toss! Stanley on Pretzel Day! Phyllis and Bob at their wedding! Darryl's reaction to Jan's picture email! So many!

- Want to know the Creed moments?
Fashioning a stake out of a broom handle.
Describing Roy's attack on Jim to Angela.
Catching and eating a fish from the lake, BY HAND.
Describing how Ed Truck died.
Talking about his Fake ID business.
Talking about homosexuality and the 60s.

- Ok, here we go, the top moments of Season 3 (prior to the finale) as selected by TheTwoCents readers!

In 4th Place with 3 votes each:
- Michael at Pam's Art Show from "Business School" VIDEO CLIP
- Andy floating away in the sumo suit from "Beach Day" VIDEO CLIP
- Jim's 'frontal attack' on Dwight from "Travelling Salesmen" VIDEO CLIP
- Michael kisses Oscar from "Gay With Hunt" VIDEO CLIP
- Squeeky Chair/Love Fool Singing from "The Initiation" VIDEO CLIP

In 3rd Place with 4 votes:
- Andy's phone in the ceiling prank from "The Return" VIDEO CLIP

In 2nd Place with 8 votes:
- Jim as Dwight and Dwight as Jim from "Product Recall" VIDEO CLIP

- Pam's Coal Walk and Confession from "Beach Day" VIDEO CLIP

Some great moments were nominated that only got mentions once or twice but deserve the VIDEO clip treatment anyway!

Playing Call of Duty - Scrantonicity Rocks - Flintstones - Future Dwight - Dwight saves Jim - Dwight comforts Pam - Jim turns into a vampire

Now on to the readers who won!

The winners of a TwoCents magnet are:
- Tanya C. from PA who enjoyed Dwight's Shun/Un-Shun antics.
- Mike S. from TX who enjoyed Jim as Dwight, Andy punching the wall and Pam's Confession.
- Tiffany J. from NJ who enjoyed Jim as Dwight/Dwight as Jim and Gaydar.

The big winner of a Dwight Bobble-head is:
- Heidi H. from Michigan who wrote in:
"My favorite moment from the this season of The Office would definitly have to be when Dwight tries to imitate Jim. His imitation might have been horrible but I have never laughed so hard in my life!!"

Congrats to you all! You will be getting emails from us soon!

Thank you to everyone who participated and please keep coming back as we help to keep The Office alive all summer long!

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