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The Office Conference Room - "Beach Day"

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The next to last episode of the season! A day at the beach for the workers of Dunder Mifflin and an enjoyable night of TV for us!

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Beach Games
Original Airdate: Thursday May 10, 2007
Michael is being considered for a position in Corporate and has to recommend his replacement. While the group expects a fun outing at Lake Scranton, Michael has planned a day of Survivor-like competitions to find his successor. Meanwhile, Pam is not asked to join in any of the activities and is forced to watch Jim and Karen have fun together.

Everyone in the Conference Room Now! Orrr...Around the Firewalk...NOW!

Name: KP
Office Site:
Review: It's official people. I would get down on my knee and propose to Pam Beesly if she were to A. exist and B. showed up at my house. Ok, so none of that will happen, but seriously, how could you not fall in love with Pam all over again after last night's episode? I love this timid Pam with streaks of courage. I really enjoyed: Creed catching a fish by hand...and then eating it! The songs on bus. Stanley's transformation into a MADMAN and then back to Stanley when it got too exhausting. Andy floating away (he doesn't call himself Drew anymore does he?). Dwight doing his Anakin Skywalker on the lava impression. I will say though, I didn't like the cold opening or the button. Usually they are my two favorite moments of the show, but Michael didn't sell the open and the button was a scene they didn't use earlier in the show. That was a let down. You can't have such a great moment by Pam go into commercial and come back with what can only be considered a deleted scene as the button.
Favorite Moment: Pam's look at the camera JUST before she walks on the fire. What an amazing look. Anyone have a screen capture of that they could send me?
Favorite Quote: Pam: "The thing that I’m just trying to say to you, Jim, and to everyone else in the circle I guess, is that I miss having fun with you. Just you, not everyone in the circle. Okay, I am gonna go walk in the water now. Yeah, it’s a good day."

Overall Episode Grade: A-

Name: jenny
Office Website: MTT
Review: I love love love Fancy New Beesly! I'm so glad she called out Jim for being an ass this season. In fact, I really thought Jim's asshatery was at an all-time high in this episode. Going over Michael's head to apply for that job just seemed so shady, which is why I think Karen may have pushed him into it a bit and why I hate her a little more. But Pam! That girl brought her A game to the Beach Games. I can't wait to see how her co-workers -- and Jim! -- treat her in the finale after that little speech of hers. As for the rest of the episode, it was great all around. Angela has finally gotten her revenge on Andy, Dwight was awesome without being too over the top, Stanley was so much fun to watch when he got motivated, and Meredith flashed the camera. Again. How could you not like this episode?
Favorite Moment: Pam's Speech -- probably my favorite moment of the whole season so far!
Favorite Quote: "I shouldn't have been with Roy and there were a lot of reasons to call off my wedding, but the truth is I didn't care about any of those reasons until I met you."

Overall Episode Grade: A

Name: Fancy New Beesly
Office Website: Fancy New Beesly on MySpace
Review: This episode was brilliant & absolutely everything I'd hoped it would be & more! It was hysterical & I loved being able to see EACH character absolutely shine. I actually applauded when Pam walked over the coals & I think one of my favorite moments of the entire SERIES was seeing Angela pretend to not hear Andy as he was floating away. I had a feeling that this episode would be sad & overly emotional but seeing the cast sing the Flintstones theme song on the bus & seeing everyone smiling (even Ryan!!) was too precious. This show doesn't need any more pizzazz or big name stars to add to it. The writers, directors, & actors have been brilliant & dedicated from the beginning even when no one was watching the show & people were even hostile towards it! Wow..I just..I tip my hat to the entire cast & crew of The Office.
Favorite Moment: Seeing Pam in the background beginning to walk across the coals!!!
Favorite Quote: "I just want to lay on the beach & eat hot dogs.
That's all I've ever wanted to do." -Kevin

Overall Episode Grade: A+++

Name: Maurice_TOC
Office Website: TheOfficeChat.Com – Where Everyday IS Thursday!
Review: As this season comes to an end, the episodes just keep getting better. “Beach Games” is packed with “funtivities” with Meredith’s flashing head, Kevin stating that all he ever wanted is to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs (1 out of 2 isn’t bad), and Andy REALLY trying to work things out with words. There are a lot of shocking revelations in this episode. It seemed that after Michael made the announcement about the open job at Corporate, Jim called David Wallace and asked for an interview, then passed the phone to Karen who also voiced interest. Also, Oscar is looking for a way out of his relationship with Gil and might try girls for awhile. This episode also has an ironic twist from “Women’s Appreciation”, where one of Michael’s wishes, for Pam to get courage, comes true. Pam starts off at the office, excited for the day and a chance to wear her two piece suit. However, throughout the day, she has sand kicked in her face and is completely neglected. Of course, it “IS about guts,” which Pam courageously demonstrates by, unequivocally, THE BEST, unexpected, heartfelt, and long awaited speech since “Casino Night.” I am sure that everyone was chanting “Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam” when she was thinking about walking the coals. Not only did she have fire under her feet, she had fire in her eyes, as well as in her heart.
Favorite Moment: Andy floating away and Pam’s feisty speech.
Favorite Quote: Jim: “Oh my God. I have NEVER seen that look in a man’s eyes EVER. I thought that I might die…. On beach day.”

Overall Episode Grade: A

Name: Elyse Moretti
Office Website: Life In The Office
Review: WOW. All I can really say is wow. GO PAM! She poured her heart out, which, in my opinion, takes much, much more guts than walking across coals. What is Jim going to DO? Sorry, I'm still a little bit in shock from the 'tribal council' scene. Overall, a fantastic episode. I loved seeing the competitive (and not-so-competitive) spirits Michael's Survivor game brought out, and those bus scenes singing were just classic. Jenna Fischer's performance was just as amazing and inspiring as John Krasinski's in the Season 2 finale. Overall, an excellent episode , and still left me wanting more from next week's finale. So excited!
Favorite Moment: Jim's team chanting "Vol-de-mort, Vol-de-mort!"
Favorite Quote: "I just want to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs. That's all I've ever wanted."- Kevin

Overall Episode Grade: A

Name: Melody
Office Website: *NEW*
Review: My one complaint about "Beach Games" would be that truly incredible last few minutes - the ones where Pam found the courage and the words and the honesty I've been waiting for all season - overshadowed the rest of the truly hilarious episode. I was a little skeptical of the premise of this episode (the beach? seriously?), but they did sell it in a huge way. Nearly every character was given a moment to shine - Creed's Gollum act, Meredith's missing bathing suit, Toby's longing for Pam in a two-piece, Kevin leading the sing-along, Oscar's crossing over, Angela's sabotage, and on and on. Still, as funny as it was to see the office go through their "Survivor"-like trials, it was Pam's triumphant trial by fire that made the episode and the entire season for me. Oh, yeah, and Michael's got an interview at corporate? What?! Why do I sense a ploy on Jan's part to bring her Scranton booty to the Big Apple?
Favorite Moment: Pam finally saying what's on her mind.
Favorite Quote: "Hey, I want to say something. I've been trying to be more honest lately and I just need to say a few things. I did the coal walk! Just, I did it. Michael, you couldn't even do that. Maybe I should be your boss. Wow, I feel really good right now. Why didn't any of you come to my art show? I invited all of you. That really sucked. It's like sometimes, some of you act like I don't even exist. Jim, I called off my wedding because of you. And now we're not even friends. And things are just like weird between us, and that sucks. And I miss you. You were my best friend before you went to Stamford. And I really miss you. I shouldn't have been with Roy, and there were a lot of reasons to call off my wedding. But the truth is, I didn't care about any of those reasons until I met you. And now you're with someone else, and that's fine. It's… whatever. That's not what I'm… I'm not… okay, my feet really hurt. The thing that I'm just trying to say to you, Jim, and to everyone else in the circle I guess, is that I miss having fun with you. Just you, not everyone in the circle. Okay, I am gonna go walk in the water now. Yeah, it's a good day."

Overall Episode Grade: A-

Name: Step
Office Website: The Office LJ
Review: Wow. Just.. wow. I've been Team Pam all season (not in regards to Jim, just championing Pam herself) but she really was amazing this episode. She did the coal walk! And she confronted the people at the office for their treatment of her - Jim included. What an amazing speech. She really is Fancy New Beesly. And I love her for it.
As for the other things that happened this episode, they were all amazing. Andy floating away, Dwight and Angela's alliance, Dwight's coal walk, Michael's lack of coal walk.. all of it was gold. It was nice to see the ENTIRE office out and about - and we got to see them sing! Best episode of the season, so far.
Favorite Moment: All of Pam's speech. Just.. all of it. Greatest moment of the entire season.
Favorite Quote: 'Hey, Pam.. do you want my sunblock?' 'Oh, thanks Toby, I'm wearing a two piece and I forgot mine.' Poor Toby! All he wanted was to go to the beach.

Overall Episode Grade: A

Name: Adam Tidwell
Office Website:
Review: This episode was B-A-N-A-N-A-S. But that's to be expected when the episode doesn't take place in the Office. I thought it was very funny, but not as stellar as the greats. I don't think the episode would have been as great as it was if you take out Pam's confession at the end. I thought some things were a little over the top, like Dwight really believing that you shouldn't say Voldemort's name, but still overall it was very nicely done. Toby once again breaks my heart. When Pam said she was wearing a two-piece it was like hitting Toby's soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer. I really liked the amount of Creed that was in this one. Just a sprinkle. I don't know if I have ever cringed so hard as when Dwight was collapsing on the hot coals. Just thinking about it now makes me cringe! They're really setting us up for an amazing finale, so I really can't wait until next week. I don't read spoilers, so I have no idea what's going to happen, but when Karen said she was interviewing for the job, a light bulb went off and I could see Karen getting the job. That would fix everyone's problems!
Favorite Moment: Naturally, Pam's confession.
Favorite Quote: "I just want to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs. That's all I've ever wanted." -Kevin

Overall Episode Grade: A- (Yes, I said minus!)


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  1. I would have given this episode a B. It was hardly funny and what Pam said was not meaningful enough. I wanted her to start swearing people off. I thought Angela stole the show tonight with her first prank


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