Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Idol Final 3 Results - Play by Play

I'm actually home on a Wed night so, you'll get the play by play of tonight's results show!

Homer Simpson did the intro instead of Ryan - that's awesome!!

Jordin and Melinda found someone in the audience and are waving while the camera is on them.

Elliott Yamin and Maroon 5 will be performing tonight. Not together I assume though.

Recap of last night, but you can just read MY play by play if you want to know what happened.

WOW! Shrek has a new movie coming out! (Shrek Commercial #1).
That "MAC" guy (Justin Long) in the PC/MAC commercials is from CT! NICE JUSTIN! REPRESENT!
OK, Shrek Commercial #2! IN THE SAME BREAK!

Promo about the American Idol Live Tour. Are you planning on going?

Ryan sits with the Jordin and asks about their trips home last weekend. They show a video clip show of her trip. The President doesn't get this kind of reception I would believe. Awwww, I love Jordin.

Ryan brings Jordin to center stage, lights dim, suspenseful music. And Ryan pulls the "you'll find out later in the show" thing.

Pirates promo #1! I can't wait to see it!
Shrek #3. - This one is a McDonalds one.
Simpson's 400th Episode this weekend, nice.

LaKisha is in the audience with Brandon Rogers.

Ryan now sits to chat with Blake and sings with him, who of course beat-boxes. Cue the video clips. Ok, he's crazy. Ok, I love Blake's Dad now too. This must be so bizarre to leave your home town a no one and a few months later you're in a parade with HUNDREDS of people screaming for you. Got to sing National Anthem before a Mariners game. Cool. Dad is up on stage with Blake now and told to go sit down. Center stage, lights, music. Recap of last night. He'll find out later in the show too.

Elliott Yamin takes to the stage to perform on the same night he went home last season. A nice song Elliott.

WHOA!! In doing his little what's coming up next thing, Ryan just said "And Melinda goes home". I jerked my head towards the TV - WHAT!? Turns out he means the video salute of Melinda going to her HOME TOWN! Sheesh Ryan! Watch that.


Ford Music Video. Cute commercial. Showed little kid actors as them as kids and then MAGIC they grow up.

Ok, sit with Melinda and follow her home time. Her hair looks really nice tonight by the way. Ya know, for all the jokes we make about her uber humble thing - I think she really is.

Ok, she's centerstage now with Ryan. Lights, Music, the whole thing that Who Wants to be a Millionaire started. She'll find out what's happening later in the show. Big duh.

Transformers Movie. We all know who's in this right? SHIA!!

Have a Band? Want to Compete in the Idol-like Band Search? Send a video/DVD/Info to:

The Band Show Castings
8391 Beverly Blvd.
PMB #464
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Maroon 5 takes to the stage. Good times, good times.

Nigel, the producer, is in the audience 'dancing'. I'm very uncomfortable watching that. It's worse than white guy dancing, it's British White Guy dancing. Yikes.

The Maroon 5 song is called "So This is Goodbye" very appropriate don't you think? After the break, we get to find out who will be saying Goodbye!

Diet Coke "Plus" with vitamins and minerals? What is this? Anyone try it yet? Is it any good?

Jordin steps forward. 60 Mil votes last night! Jordin is safe! She's in the finals! Awesome!!

Blake and Melinda hold hands. Melinda steps forward. WHOA!!! Melinda goes home. I'm stunnnnnnnnned. STUNNED! But ya know what? Jordin has just won American Idol!!


What about you?

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  1. Haven't watched much this season but over the last two weeks - yes, I would definitely say "stunned".

    Diet Coke Plus is really good. Recommended.


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