Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Every Breath You Take, Every Claim You Stake, Every Lamp You Break...

How does that go?

Well, now you can find out! The words that Sting uses in his songs really go to prove that this former English teacher knows what he's saying.

And now, according to the Associate Press, we will know what he was saying too! Sting is releasing a book entitled "Lyrics by Sting". This will have most of the lyrics he has written both as a solo artist as well as with The Police.

From the AP's story: ""Lyrics by Sting" will include the words of such hits as "Roxanne," "Every Breath You Take" and "Spirits in the Material World," along with commentary by Sting.
"Over time, the meaning of a song can continue to reveal itself," Sting, the bassist and lead vocalist for the Police, said Monday in a statement released by The Dial Press, an imprint of the Bantam Dell Publishing Group."

This would be a great book to add to your collection if you enjoy the brilliant music of this man.

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