Tuesday, May 1, 2007

30 Years Ago In a Galaxy Not Too Far Away...

... Star Wars was released in the theaters.

Expect to see a TON of specials, merchandise, movie screenings, etc etc etc to commemorate the release of this movie changing epic.

One such special is coming to The History Channel.

TheForce.Net has posted a press release that starts: "Thirty years ago, an unheralded film known as Star Wars opened in theaters and took audiences on a groundbreaking journey to a galaxy far, far away. It instantly seized the public’s imagination, and three decades later still claims that grasp.
Now, a new special from The History Channel seeks to understand why the emotional impact of the Star Wars Saga remains as relevant as ever. The two-hour special, STAR WARS: THE LEGACY REVEALED, is a World Premiere on The History Channel on Monday, May 28 at 9pm ET/PT."

This looks great! Are you a fan of Star Wars? You know, before JarJar ruined everything?

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