Thursday, April 26, 2007

Two Cents & Five Questions With...

...Sarah Smith, Web Admin,

Sarah runs a fansite for "The Office" with a very fun twist. Users can chat on the site with other Office fans! There's quite a community in there and they all welcome new people with open arms! I've been there and it's great!

Sarah took some time out from the site's chat, contests and Office Fan get togethers to share her Two Cents & Five Answers!

TwoCents: Please tell the Two Cents about yourself and your website.
Sarah Smith: I am a married 29 yr old stay at home mom with two kids. In my spare time (when I have it) I like to read and watch TV sometimes I have been known to watch other things besides The Office. I'm pretty boring. My site is called for fans of the show to chat and connect with other fans.

TC: How did you decide to start up your site? What keeps you interested in doing it?
SS: My husband actually came up with the idea of a chat room for office fans. We talked about it over lunch one day and when we got home within two hours was born! I loved the show and I loved meeting fans of the show through myspace but in the chat you can talk in real time and I loved chatting with fans as I watched the show. The site was created out of my love to talk and the love of the show.

TC: Your site focuses on The Office, have any of the show's crew or cast been by to see your site?
SS: My first cast member was Rainn Wilson and from there he told the cast and crew about the site and they have all logged in and chatted from time to time. Except John and Steve (I think the chat would blow up if John logged in). Jenna, Angela, Brian, Kate, Bobby Ray, Karly and I have two crew members that come and chat also Richard Gonzalez and Dan Beals.

TC: What fun websites do you visit for your own entertainment?
SS: Well myspace of coarse and I visit lots of other office sites for information. My site isn't about the latest information about the show its more about fans meeting and chatting with other fans. I visit about 50 times a day. I also visit Life in the Office and of course!!!

TC: What is your dream future state for your site?
SS: My dream for the site is when you think of the internet and the show you think of my site. The site has already surpassed my expectations really. My biggest nights are Thursdays and sometimes I get over 70 chatters in the room and it totally blows my mind! The fans of the show are really the kindest people and since the site is growing each day the chatters really help me out so much! I look to them for ideas and I appreciate them all! I've made so many new friends and it amazes me how kind people really are!

*Two Cents Bonus Question*
TC: If someone were to climb off a desert island and only have time to watch five movies to learn what American cinema is all about, what five movies would you show them?
SS: This is a hard question..... and I am not a big movie buff..... Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor, Gone with the Wind, Pretty Women, Exorcist, Sound of Music.

Much gratitude to Sarah for spending her time with us and be sure to check in to her site to chat it up before or after tonight's NEW episode of "The Office"!

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