Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits From The Office...

Two days away from another new episode and to quench your thirst for all things The Office here's a few fun clicks for you!

DailyTitan.com has posted an article of the reasons to love Pam Beasley.

BJ Novak ("Ryan") was on Conan this week and admitted to the world an unhealthy love of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Now, I can't blame him, can you?!

Angela Kinsey ("Angela") is going to be on "Thank God You're Here" and is featured on NBC's site for the show in a behind the scenes interview video.

John Krasinski ("Jim") was in a heated battle for Hottest Men on TV but lost his bracket to the guy from Prison Break. Jenna Fischer ("Pam") however is still in the running on the Hottest Women tournament.

Speaking of Jenna, she was on Jay Leno's show this week. She gave her husband tips on how to get her into bed easily. Notice the hair changes men, it apparently is your free pass!

On LifeInTheOffice.com's forums, "Pretzel_Daydream_Believer" posted a huge list of YouTube links for old Steve Carell ("Michael") material. Great list!

Be sure to come back on Thurs for a Two Cents & Five Questions with a member of The Office crew! And check on Friday for The Office Conference Room's reviews.

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