Monday, April 30, 2007

Talk About... The Sopranos (4/29/07)

I finally caught up on the last three weeks of Sopranos and I'm happy I did. Last night's show was good, I enjoyed it very much. Here's my theory, the creators are likening Tony to the show itself. Is he past his prime? Has he lost his bite? Is he questioning if he still has it?

What did you think? Do you like the gambling angle? Head over to the comments or the forums to discuss!

Chasing It
Original Airdate: Sunday April 29, 2007
Tony has some bad luck; AJ makes a life-changing decision; Marie turns to Tony for help with her troubled son.

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  1. ZZzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzZZZZ
    At this point did we need to see a whole episode about tony's gambling problem? Are we gonna do these types of episodes till the end? I'm sure they sre leading to something, casue we know how well david chas is at tying up losse ends. Booooo! I don't know why i expect anything more. Let this show end so we can all move on.


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