Monday, April 23, 2007

I'll Trade You My Barry Williams for Your Todd Bridges!

You too can say lines just as annoying as that one!

The UpperDeck baseball card company has decided to put out sets of cards with autographs and pieces of memorabilia of not just sports, but celebrities!

The enlisted Scott Schwartz to help them get to the B list and below celebs. You know Schwartz, stick your tongue to a frozen light pole on a triple dog dare and you can't help but think of his role in A Christmas Story.

So, run out and buy a box and maybe you can go home with a swatch of Catherine Bach's 'Daisy Dukes' on a baseball card!

Also, while I was finding pictures for this story, I ran accross this photo of a recent Christmas Story reunion. Holy cow. Schwartz looks the oldest of them all! Can you tell which adult was which kid?

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