Monday, April 13, 2009

The Tudors - Recap & Review - Episode 3.2

The Tudors
“Episode 3.2”

Original Air Date: April 12, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

The rebels are marching South in their quest against religious persecution. Cromwell is getting increasingly nervous as are the nobles in castles in the line of the rebel’s path. Will the rebels reach London? Stay tuned and find out!

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  1. Last week we got a glimpse of the King’s leg which has some kind of serious wound that is obviously very painful. The doctors are trying to figure out what it is but not having much luck. I guess we’ll see what it’s all about. Pretty soon the King needs a little pain killer. Nothing like some hot sex with a random hot chick to make the King feel better! I know it’d make ME feel better! :D

    The big story of course is the rebel army. The first castle in Yorkshire is approached by the rebels. Meanwhile, Charles is still in London trying to arrange an Army with artillery. The Noble at the castle of Yorkshire agrees to meet the leaders of the rebel army to try and reason with them. The rebels express what they are looking for in their cause- in fact they express their hatred of those around the King who have advised him poorly but not necessarily the King himself. Cromwell is in London trying to scrape together the biggest force he can for what feels like an imminent march on London.

    Though Darcy (the Noble at Yorkshire Castle) would prefer avoid violence with the rebels, the King orders Cromwell to tell Lord Darcy he must hold the castle at all costs. But, apparently, Lord Darcy has joined the rebel force. The King is pissed- so pissed that he is ready to lead the Army to the North himself. The King instructs Charles to attack- finally. Charles is holding off his attack mostly because he would probably lose. Lord Darcy helps conspire with the rebel leaders where it’s revealed the rebels have about 30,000 men, as compared to Charles’ 6,000.

    Charles urges the King to let him make a deal with the rebels- because obviously he has no intention of keeping any promises he makes to the rebels. The King agrees and Charles bargains with the rebel leaders. He offers a truce, and that two of the rebel captains may come present their grievances to the King himself. The rebel captains arrive in London with the King at their audience. The King gives a pretty awesome speech and basically says they will all be pardoned if they lay down their arms but this is likely all part of a bigger plan to coerce (or destroy) the rebel army.

    Seems like one captain is convinced the negotiation is legit, and one captain gets some copy of a note Cromwell wrote and is skeptical. Ultimately, the rebels decide to meet with Charles and negotiate. The King briefs Charles before he leaves and Charles mentions that the rebels mostly hate Cromwell- not the King- and the King basically says Charles can tell them whatever he wants- but he still wants the rebel leaders held accountable.

    Charles goes in like a true salesman and spits a whole lot of game- too bad he’s probably lying through his teeth. The leaders accept the terms Charles puts forth and the rebels are sent home. Soon, the rebel leader is summoned by the King to come to court- the letter claims the King wishes to discuss the rebellion and make sure to avoid it from happening again. It’s most definitely a trap. But, the Lord Darcy decides that the leader should go, but that if he is treated foul or imprisoned, he’ll hear it about it through proxies he places on the route to London, and then reassemble the rebels to fight on their behalf… again.

    Will the King’s trap work? Does the King really wish to discuss the terms with the rebel leader? What do you think is wrong with the King’s leg? Ok, readers, what’s your TwoCents?


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