Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Steve Carell Leaving Work Early On The Office?

Entertainment Weekly's guru of gossip, Ausiello, has reported today that what we all feared has happened. Steve Carell seems to be on the way out of The Office.

"NBC sources are confirming to me that Mr. 40-Year-Old Virgin, has opted out of the rest of his contract with the show. The source also mentions that we have already met his replacement. Andy Buckley, who plays CFO David Wallace has had more of a presence on the show because it was apparently a test to see how audiences reacted to him."

To read more details, go to EW by clicking HERE.

What do you think about this? Will this drastically change the show? Leave your TwoCents below.

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  1. this is horrible news!!! oh my god i dont know how the show will do with out him!!! but as long as jim stays i hope we'll be okay


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