Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scrubs – Recap & Review – Their Story II

Their Story II

Original Air Date: Mar 25, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Did JD really make a disco ball out of Turk’s testicle? Will the Janitor instantly fall asleep when somebody says the word “popsicle?” Did Dr. Cox really praise JD? Only one of these completely unrealistic things really happened…

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  1. TwoCents TwoLine Recap
    The hospital interns provide the senior staff with surprising insight. Meanwhile, an extraordinary moment occurs when Cox shows J.D. some long overdue respect, the latter getting an inflated ego from the long-awaited recognition.

    TwoCents TwoFavorite Moments
    1. Elliott’s “I told you so” dance.
    2. The whole Janitor hypnotizing story… a great running gag.

    TwoCents TwoFavorite Quotes
    1. “Haven’t you had this fantasy before?” “Yeah, but I’ve been working out so this time I get to be shirtless.” (Turk and JD in the pimp-daddy fantasy from Season 3)
    2. “Hey… Mopenstein!” Sunny to Janitor

    What do YOU think? Are you liking the new interns that will end up taking over the show? Will the show work next season? How cool was that motorized janitor cart? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll get the cart to deliver lemonade.

    Next Week: My Soul on Fire


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