Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scrubs – Recap & Review – My Soul on Fire Part II

My Soul on Fire Part II

Original Air Date: April 15, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Does the shark-jumping happen? Do we finally learn Janitor’s real name? Does the Brady Tiki God continue to curse the doctors of Sacred Heart? Will there be a wedding? No, no, no, yes.

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  1. TwoCents TwoLine RecapElliot is mad at JD for not professing his love in some sort of grand gesture, Carla is mad at Turk for equating love with sex, Perry is mad at Jordan for the tiresome “we’re not really in love” banter, and Kelso is drunk. Just another day in the Bahamas. Oh yeah, Janitor and Lady got married.

    TwoCents TwoFavorite Moments
    1. Ted’s rendition of “Hey Ya” by Outcast… so pretty with him playing the guitar and all, I almost didn’t realize it was a cover!
    2. Janitors vows… so creepily sweet! Especially the part about his mother aging backwards… followed by his appreciation that Lady doesn’t believe all his lies about his mother.

    TwoCents TwoFavorite Quotes
    1. “Awww, man! I put Ranch on my face!” –Ted realizing he covered his salad in sun block.
    2. “Elliot… I love you more than Turk.” –JD trying to express just how much he loves Elliot… and that spoke volumes

    What do YOU think? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll help Kelso with his Bahama Mama tab.

    Next Week: My Cuz


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