Friday, April 17, 2009

The Office - Recap & Review - Heavy Competition

The Office
Heavy Competition

Original Air Date: Apr 16, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

It starts off with a lot of cheese puff balls being thrown around and into each other’s mouths! Ok, it was actually pretty cool- I bet it took 100 takes to get all those scenes right! How will the Michael Scott Paper Company fare this week? Come and find out!

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  1. Jim and Pam are looking into wedding possibilities- from Andy- who is pitching his acapella group to them as the band. For a mere NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS Andy’s Acapella group can be all theirs!! Yeah, right! Andy is also trying to sell them items from his wedding to Angela (which will never have it) including a Crucifix cake- OH. GOD. Jim resists so soon Andy is trying to pitch Jim on leaving Pam and being single!

    Jim decides to play along and playing into Andy’s hands on purpose. Soon Jim is crying in Andy’s arms. Andy isn’t sure what’s bothering him so he makes an announcement to the entire company that he has Jim’s back. Right away Jim tells Andy it was a gag, though, and that his relationship with Pam is great, and that he knows Andy will find someone special soon, too.

    Meanwhile, Dwight is angry that he has to wear long sleeve shirts which severely hamper his fighting response times. As Dwight so aptly puts, “doesn’t Charles know he’s compromising my attach readiness- it’s not a dress code it’s a death sentence”. Dwight is passing some lead information to Michael to try and help him get a few sales. But soon Charles brings Dwight in for a meeting to explain he likes his work ethic and maybe it’s time he gets some more responsibility. This puts Dwight in a bit of a predicament but he ends up deciding to tell Charles who intercepts the next Dwight-Michael parking lot meeting to tell Michael to leave his salesmen alone.

    Michael decides to try and poach Dwight’s biggest customer. Dwight calls Michael to arrange another meeting- he’s a little anxious. Michael coyly says “I hope you’re not recording this conversation” which prompts Dwight to drop his pants, lift up his shirt, and prove that he is not wearing a wire. Well, that was disturbing! They agree to a truce and Dwight offers to take Michael and his team to lunch. Instead, however, Dwight sneaks into Michael’s office and throws a fish into the air ducts and takes a bunch of Michael’s random gizmos hostage- including Michael’s legendary rolodex! What a total arsehole!

    Michael’s team comes home and thinks they were robbed. Dwight calls Michael and Michael explains he can’t talk because he was robbed so Pam has to explain that it WAS Dwight who did it. Michael decides to get revenge by eating Dwight’s takeout sandwich- but Dwight anticipated that and explains he ordered their worst sandwich on purpose! Michael spits it out. That was probably the funniest part of this episode!

    Soon Michael has a meeting with Dwight’s biggest client- and to get back to Dwight he keeps his cell phone on so Dwight can hear it. Dwight runs to his car and rushes off and barges into Mr. Schoefield’s office and starts rambling. Michael, however, keeps his cool and gives his pitch. Dwight ends on a high note by asking about Mr. Schoefield’s “gay son”. Oh my god- Dwight is out of control. And Michael was on top of his game! You go, Michael!

    Ok, readers, that’s it for this week’s Office. What was your favorite joke? Favorite quote? Here is my favorite quote- what do you think?

    Dwight: “When Michael was in charge this place was like the roman empire, and the wild west, and war torn Poland, and Poland- it was just a lot going on so what you wore to work was the least of anyone’s worries- and in that chaos- I soared!”


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