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Harper's Island - Recap & Review - Whap

Harper’s Island
“Whap” (Pilot)

Original Air Date: Apr. 9, 2009

Sr Staff Writer- Karen

I am sure all of you have seen the promo’s to the show and now have an idea of what it is about, but just to remind those of you that might have missed the bazillion commercials, here it is:

Seven years ago, on Harper’s Island, there was a man by the name of John Wakefield that killed 6 people. This was the first time that there was ever a killing on the island….and it isn’t over, yet!

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  1. I am sure all of you have seen the promo’s to the show and now have an idea of what it is about, but just to remind those of you that might have missed the bazillion commercials, here it is:
    Seven years ago, on Harper’s Island, there was a man by the name of John Wakefield that killed 6 people. This was the first time that there was ever a killing on the island….and it isn’t over, yet!

    Henry Dunn & Trish Wellington are getting married and some friends and family are on a ferry boat to take them to Harper’s Island. Among them is Abby Mills, Henry’s best friend. They grew up together on the island. Abby’s mother was one of the victims of Wakefield. As the ferry is getting ready to take off, we find out that cousin Ben is not here yet, but really he is….only he is tied to the propeller with a breathing apparatus to keep him alive. As the boat fires up the engine, good ol Ben is sucked up into the propeller (say “whap” a bunch of times to imagine the sound) and waalaa, victim #1.

    As the ferry arrives at the island, Abby is greeted by Fishman (Jimmy) her old boyfriend who is happy to see her back home. Abby decides to walk to the hotel and takes a bit of a detour and convienently end up at the tree where she saw her mother hanging from years ago. Henry arrives and tells her it is ok, and the killer is dead (she is a bit freaked-out) and I have to agree with Henry, the tree should have been cut down.

    Ok, so now some of our guests: We have Blondie (Chloe) and English (Cal) that are a couple, but not married, though English wants to pop the question. I can tell right now, Blondie shouldn’t last long.
    We have J.D., Henry’s brother that has weird tattoos all over him and seems to be a bit of an outcast.
    Uncle Marty is a fun loving uncle of Henry and has his eye on Blondie, of course.
    Daddy Wellington is Trish’s father and is not a happy camper that his daughter is about to marry the hired help.
    Hunter, the ex of Trish, is an uninvited guest (that is, the bride and groom did not invite) that shows up at the little gathering at the Candlewick Inn, and tells her “are you sure you are going to marry him?”

    Fishman is talking with his buddy at the pier when the guys are having a problem with the ferry. They say something is stuck to the propeller. Fishman jumps in and starts yanking on some kelp or stringy stuff, but as the camera goes underneath, we see Bens head loosen and fall. But of course, the fish guys don’t know it’s there.
    So at the Inn, everyone is dancing and talking. Abby sits with some of the bridesmaids and they ask her if her and Henry have ever “hooked up” since they have been such good friends and all for so long. Abby clearly has a “oh shit” look on her face, but Henry comes over and we never get the answer. I am hoping the answer was yes. Henry can’t find JD, so Abby decides to go look for him (she wanted out of there).She heads for the Cannery, a local bar. She finds Tattoo sitting all alone bothering nobody. So Abby plays a game of pool with Fishman. A local decides to pick on Tattoo, and we find out Tattoo tried to commit suicide at one time. A fight breaks out and Abby hits the local with a pool queue. The sheriff breaks up the fight and now we meet Abby’s dad, Sheriff Mills.

    Marty over hears Daddy-dearest talking to Hunter outside. Seems Daddy is the one who brought Hunter to the island. Marty, warns him. Meanwhile Trish talks to her sister and doesn’t know what to do about the calls from Hunter. Her sister says she needs to tell Henry, but Trish is afraid to tell him. So she doesn’t.

    Now it is late in the evening, Blondie and English go for a late swim in the lake, but he wants to propose. She undresses to her skivvies and jumps in. He takes off his and puts the ring in his pants pocket. As he swims out, he can’t find her and gets sucked under. He comes up and she is laughing and he is pissed! So he pushes her under and now she is pissed. Jeez! So she storms out of the water and throws his clothes in the water. Now the ring is gone.
    Henry thanks Abby for watching JD and, these two are truly besties.
    After a hell of a sex-capade, Trish gets up to go to the bathroom, when her phone vibrates and Henry picks it up. The caller is Hunter, and Henry has a “what the …” look on his face.
    Finally, we see Uncle Marty walking over a small bridge and he falls through the floor. He catches himself, and is dangling (1/2 below and 1/2 above) when he hears a noise. His gun falls in front of him. He asks for help but instead you hear a blade cutting though the air. Marty is shocked by the pain, grabs the gun and shoots down through the floor of the bridge only for us to hear another whack and good ol Marty is dead with his top half stuck in the floor and his lower half gone. YUK! Victim #2 done!

    Well what did you think? Will you be back next week, you know it is just beginning and they don’t even know there is a killer out there yet. Except for the Creepy Girl who has a “friend” to tell her that things are going on. I liked it and the second killing was pretty cool. I know …morbid.

  2. I'll definitely be back. I'm too curious now to not know who the murderer is. Yes creepy girl definitely freaked me out, but my eyes are on the sheriff. Why doesn't Abby speak to him anymore? Does she suspect her father of being the killer? After all, he is the one who supposedly killed Wakefield.

    I'm also hooked on the web series connected to the show - where we actually found out about Wakefield, the sherrif, & Cousin Ben (so sad) before the tv show even started. I'm in the forums over there talking about the show so join me if you can.

  3. I must admit I liked it..and I'm not really into shows like this. And yes, I'll definately be back...cause now I got to know what happens. Like I want to know about the phone call Abby got..what was that about? There were a couple of things that totally creeped me out like the bodies hanging from the tree, Henry was right should've got rid of it. And Madison, the creepy girl, she just totally scares me.
    The way Cousin Ben and Uncle Marty were killed that was just sick!! Not so sure about the killer just yet, there are a few people got my eye on, but just when you think it's them you got to think again. So that's why I'll be back!!

  4. anonymous, I am in the forums (KB)and I am sure we will find out the history of Abby and dad. I like the chemistry between Henry/Abby and looks like we will learn more about the boys Henry hangs with, next week. Can't wait. What do you think of Daddy-dearest?

  5. Well, I'm not so sure about this show - but I'm going to keep watching for a while. The acting and writing were a little stilted for me, but maybe it will improve. I'm going to keep watching because I do want to know who the killer is.

    Creepy girl is seriously creepy. I'm not sure I'd want to wake up with her standing over my bed - totally weird.

    I agree with you - I don't think "Blondie" is going to last. She has that whole bad horror movie/running through the woods/falling down thing happening for her. It never ends well for her type. And "English" was a little creepier than I pictured him to be after reading the script for the pilot.

  6. I will definitely be watching each week. There are so many characters to keep up with-but I will try!

  7. Bring it on....I think it's going to be a good show. Thanks for recapping - was trying to figure out who the first to go really was.

  8. wow, glad to see so many watchers! I think next week will be even better. Are there any guesses on the next to go? I think maybe "English"(Cal).
    I think we will get to know the groomsmen a little better.

  9. I'm figuring at least one groomsmen will die this week. I'm also betting "Blondie" will be going soon.

  10. uhhhm, i do like this show. it is a little overwhelming with all th people. but i plan to continue watching. will someone please tell me what the second episode is about? (:


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