Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Harper's Island Moves To Saturday

It looks like Harper's Island is moving to Saturday's at 9:00, starting May 2. According to CBS the ratings have not been that great, but it seems that it has a big DVR following. Here is what Kelly Kahl of CBS had to say:
"The preliminary DVR and online streaming data suggest a passionate audience for HARPER’S outside its current Thursday time period borders,” said Kelly Kahl, Senior Executive Vice President Prime Time, CBS Television. “This move gives us an opportunity to improve the time period on Thursday while experimenting with more original programming on Saturday, and continuing to serve an audience that is clearly engaged in the ongoing HARPER’S ISLAND story.”

Saturdays are known to be where TV likes to dump shows that are not doing well, but I feel confident that no matter what, we are going to get our 13 episodes. I also feel that the main audience is the younger adults who are not really home on Saturday nights, so if they know the majority of the fans are DVR-ing the show, what the heck, why not move it. Us older watchers, that don’t go out much on the weekend, are grateful for something to watch on Saturday.
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