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Desperate Housewives - Recap & Review - Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know

Desperate Housewives
Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know

Original Air Date: April 19, 2009

Annette – TwoCents Reviewer

When we left the housewives a few weeks ago, Edie had a terrible accident. We saw her fingers twitch – did she survive? This week brings an answer and tells a little more about her life.

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  1. When we left the housewives a few weeks ago, Edie had a terrible accident. We saw her fingers twitch – did she survive? This week brings an answer and tells a little more about her life.

    Edie is our narrator this week and she’s alive, but in the middle of the street, as the center of attention, and about two minutes into the episode, Edie dies.

    Dave asks the ladies (Bree, Lynette, Susan, Gaby, and Karen McClusky) for a favor and we find them all in a car going on a road trip with Edie’s ashes. Susan suggests they all say something nice about Edie to pass the time.

    Susan’s first and tells about the first time they met. They actually start out as friends, but Susan finds out that Edie is sleeping with one of the neighbors who is still married, and shows no remorse. Susan decides they can no longer be friends. Later Edie comes to Susan’s house (“I’m the whore that lives down the street. Can I borrow a cup of condoms?”), and tells Susan that Karl is having an affair. She saw Karl having dinner with another woman – Susan doesn’t believe her, but finds out later it’s true.

    Lynette’s turn: She tells about Edie taking care of her while she was going through chemo. Edie finds Katherine making Lynette lunch, fluffing her pillows, even putting on Lynette’s socks for her. Edie says she will take Lynette to chemo, but instead takes her to a seedy bar (“They’re not supposed to do tattoos in the kitchen, but I have a bald eagle on my ass that says otherwise.”). Edie gives Lynette a pep talk – she needs to start fighting the cancer, she’s the strongest person she knows and needs to start acting like it.

    Bree’s story starts with Bree trying to visit Orson in prison. Bree finds out from the guard that Edie has been visiting Orson every week, so she goes to Edie’s house for a little chat. She wants to know if Edie’s trying to steal him, which Edie denies (“My boobs are impressive, but they can’t bend iron bars.”). Edie questions Bree for not visiting Orson. Bree confesses that she thinks it’s humiliating to go to the prison. Edie tells Bree how much Orson must love her since he went to jail for her, so why can’t she suck it up and visit him and try to make it a little easier. Bree visits Orson and they reconcile. (“Edie Britt shamed you into being a better human being, that is embarrassing.”)

    Gaby’s story: After Gaby’s divorce, she and Edie go to a club together where some guy immediately buys Gaby a drink. Edie gets jealous so they have a contest. Whoever gets more swizzle sticks from men in one hour is the winner – Gaby wins. Edie’s upset and tells Gaby she’s sad that her youth is disappearing and that since she was a child she knew she was going to die young – she would never see 50.

    After Gaby’s story, the ladies arrive at a Prep School – that’s when we find out they’re there to tell Edie’s son Travers that she’s dead. When Lynette breaks the news, Travers takes it pretty stoically. Turns out he’s angry that she never tried to raise him, but left him with his dad. Karen gets upset and stops Travers Now it’s time for her story.

    It’s about a year after Karen and Edie met, and it’s the anniversary of the death of Karen’s son, and she’s mourning. Edie tells her that she has a son but after her divorce, she let her ex-husband have custody because she thinks he would have a better life without her (“I love him enough to let him hate me.”).

    They try to give Travers Edie’s ashes, but he says they were her best friends and they should keep them. When the housewives get home, they decide to meet again the next day to decide what to do with Edie’s ashes. As Karen sits with the ashes she asks “Well, Edie what are we going to do with you.” Just then, her front door swings open and Karen looks out on to the street. The next day the housewives all gather and spread her ashes all over Wisteria Lane.

    So what did you all think of this episode? I actually thought it was kind of lame, considering that the writers did the exact same type of story earlier this year with the death of the handyman episode. I also thought it was a little weird that the housewives were getting all sentimental over Edie’s death considering at some point they all fought with her, then ran her out of town. And since we haven’t had a new episode in four weeks, it would have been nice to continue the other storylines – particularly the Dave story. Hopefully, we’ll see more of that next week. Let me know what you all thought of this episode.

    Last thought, my favorite line of the week, after Lynette honks and startles everyone awake, Karen says, “Yeah, I’d like to see Edie again, but not tonight.”

  2. I'm actually disappointed that Edie was killed off. She may have been a bitch, but I maintain that she was the only one brave enough to be honest to all of the ladies rather than fake to their faces and terrible behind their backs.

  3. I agree with you actually. I didn't want to see her go. Even though she had some nasty moments, she was straight up with everyone - never two-faced. Plus, she did have her moments of compassion - particularly with Mrs. McClusky - I loved their relationship. Even when they were sniping at each other and insulting each other, you knew deep down they really did care about each other. I'm going to miss her. And even when she was being a bitch, she still had some really great lines!

  4. I don't know how I feel about her leaving, because like you said, she was the only one straight-up with the ladies. But on the other hand , she really wasn't getting much storline and I felt she was a bit of a waste, even though she did have her moments of glory.


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