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Deadliest Catch - Recap & Review - Stay Focused Or Die

Deadliest Catch
Stay Focused or Die

Original Air Date: April 28, 2009

Jeff P. – Sr. Staff Writer

Mike Rowe ended last week’s episode with: “The Katmai went down in the Bering Sea over 12 hours ago… and 10 of her crew are battling for their lives”. This week we start the episode with a video taken of the crew of the Katmai, and a retrospective is on the way.

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  1. U.S. Coast Guard -

    The Jayhawk is still searching for survivors of the Katmai. They spot a raft and amazingly there are survivors! 4 of the crew of the Katmai were able to survive 17 hours in the Bering Sea, during a typhoon, no less.

    The Katmai Crew -

    Captain Joe Blake was one of the 4 survivors that were able to make it through the worst night of anyone’s life. He and 2 other of the 4 survivors recant the tale of their ordeal. The rudder on the vessel didn’t work as it should have, and the Katmai took a large wave that knocked it on its side. The crew put on their survival suits and launched two life rafts. One crewman didn’t make it to a raft, hoping to stop the ship from sinking. Another sailor gave his own life to help his mates. And the men had to endure a night of their raft flipping over and dumping them out between 30-50 times during the storm. Right when one of the survivors was about to say his final prayer, the Jayhawk appeared over a wave. He felt that his prayer was immediately answered.

    The Wizard -

    Not only did the Wizard suffer the worst of the storm, but also Keith can’t catch a break with finding the crab. He’s caught almost nothing and gives Phil Harris a call. Phil updates him on the Katmai, but then the call drops. Keith wanted to check on his friend’s health. Then a rogue wave hits the bow and washes Lenny across the deck! Luckily, the veteran deckhand is ok.

    The Northwestern -

    Captain Sig decides that he doesn’t want the crew to know about the Katmai tragedy, and stay focused on fishing. He’s exhausted being up another 24 hours. The crew is too, and one of the pots come loose and almost hits them. Finally Sig calls it quits and retires for the night. Edgar takes over the helm and quickly finishes off the string that Sig started, which will allow the crew to have their well deserved rest. When dawn breaks, Sig goes to check on Edgar’s string from the previous night, and it pulls in good numbers. He offers Edgar dinner if the string pulls in 850. They pull in 999, so it seems that Sig will be buying Edgar prime rib and lobster dinner.

    The Cornelia Marie -

    When word of the sinking of the Katmai made it through the fleet, it stirred up some memories for veteran deckhand Corey Eisenbarth. When he was 18 and a greenhorn, he was aboard the Seahawk, which had sunk. Unfortunately, there were 6 crewmen, but not 6 survivors. Jake asks why Corey decided to get on a boat after surviving it, and he replies that this is all he knows. He feels that he was given a second chance, and he’s made the most of it.

    This was a unique episode of an already great show. There is nothing that brings the idea of reality than death. It was quite a story told by the survivors. It’s hard to imagine having to be in the place of these men. They first have to live through a storm and watch their friends drift away from them, and wonder if they will live themselves. Then after surviving, have to mourn the loss of their friends and crewmates. It is a tragedy, and I thought that the show handled it respectfully. What do you think?

    R.I.P. - Crew of the F/V Katmai

    Bob Davis
    Carlos Zabala
    Cedric Smith
    Joshua Leonguerrero
    Jake Gilman
    Fuli Lemusu
    Glenn Harper

  2. i miss you uncle cedric =[

  3. I Miss my I am Sure WE all do! It was an Honor and pleasure working with those men...while I was blessed with the Opportunity to do so...Team Katmai and their Families are in my Prayers Every Night,God Bless You all....
    Ryan Appling/Part of Team Katmai


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