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Nip/Tuck - Recap & Review - Gisele Blaylock and Legend Chandler

Gisele Blaylock and Legend Chandler

Original Air Date: Mar 3, 2009

Tom R. - Sr. Staff Writer

Immortality, aging and mortality occupy the main threads this week as Christian and Liz prepare for their wedding, Kimber is sent packing and vampire fetishists question their lifestyle choice.

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  1. Immortality, aging and mortality occupy the main threads this week as Christian and Liz prepare for their wedding, Kimber is sent packing and vampire fetishists question their lifestyle choice.

    This was meant to be the true finale to Nip/Tuck’s fifth season, rather than the episode that ended last year’s run. It’s a much more effective closer. Last season ended with Sean on the verge of death, courtesy of Colleen Rose. This ending is a life changing event, with so many more consequences in store when the show returns. It’s worth it just for the confrontation between Liz and Kimber. It also calls back a conversation from the first episode and a nod to Christian’s early gigs as a gigolo.

    Giselle and Legend are the couple engaged in vampire play (referring to themselves as “sangs”). She wears capped fangs, but his teeth have been altered. After he accidentally hits an artery, she is patched up in the ER, but they come to the office to have the fang marks repaired. They talk about the rush they get from exchanging blood, which Sean compares to a transfusion. After this scare, however, they are determined to find new kicks, but as Christian works on his vows, he hears them breaking into the office’s blood supply.

    The talk of immortality, however, leads Christian to investigate cryogenics. The idea brings howls of laughter from Sean, Matt and Liz. When Matt starts talking about wasting money, it sets off a feud between him and Christian. Sean agrees to come with him to the cryo lab, but Christian soon finds out that cost concern have the clients sharing tube space. As Christian exits, he breaks down, and Sean consoles him, saying he will live on through the Christian Troy stories he tells.

    It’s not true immortality when it comes to Kimber, but her age makes her fair game for Ram and Eden to throw her out of their threesome and out of the apartment. Ram calls her “desperate” in the way she tries to cling to her youth. She returns to Matt, and gets the news about the wedding and the cancer. She confronts Liz, saying she is looking to redeem herself with Christian, but Liz replies with a vampire metaphor that revolves around Christian’s cash flow.

    Meanwhile, Teddy is leading a double life as Dixie, an anesthesiologist in Vegas. In both locations, she is using nitrous oxide as an aphrodisiac. Arriving late for surgery, she makes excuses about a dead relative. The excuse also gets her out of the wedding. She goes back to Vegas, where she kills that doctor by forcing him to OD on the gas.

    The wedding goes on as planned. Kimber rises to object, but cannot bring herself to say anything. She exits the church and the ceremony concludes. As Christian and Liz pack for the honeymoon, the doctor call Christian to let him know there was a mix-up with the files. Since they are referenced by patient number, Christian’s file was confused with another patient. His cancer is in remission, and it’s the other woman who has six months left. As Liz calls to him, the screen goes black.

    Christian’s final look seems to say, “What have I gotten myself into?” I don’t think there’s much surprise that he’s going to live, or that he won’t be frozen, running down the street in a dream sequence, screaming for tech support. But Liz calling to him leads him into a kind of limbo, forced to reconsider his relationship and his vows with her.

    "Flashing Lights" Kanye West
    "On the Run" Tina Dico
    "My Vampire" Soho Dolls
    "The Very Thought of You" Cassandra Wilson
    "Perfect Lie" (Theme) The Engine Room

    “Your face is like an old purse from all that tanning bed damage, your hair is like the hay I feed my horse, and your knees kind of resemble a circus elephant. I should be feeding you peanuts.” -Eden’s dismissal of Kimber

    “Is Jabba the Hutt going to hang you on his wall?” -Sean’s reaction to the cryo plan

    “It’s church. They welcome everyone, even whores. It’s big in the Bible.” -Christian, noticing Kimber at the wedding

    “I will love you for the rest of my life.” -Christian’s one sentence vow

    “Can I call you Mommy now?” -A rare poignant moment from Wilber

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  2. I think Christian is now ready to bail on the marriage thing since he is not dying.

    Dude, he needs to sue the pants off the firm that gave him the bogus results. That's crap.

    Kimber is such a slunt... I loved when Eden said what she did even though I hate Eden, too.

    The Teddie stuff... I was like woah WTF? Think Sean is next on the list?

  3. Oh Christian will SOOOO be looking for a way out of this marriage now!

    Why are Kimber & Eden still around? Can one of the roaming killers take them out for us?


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