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House - Recap & Review - Social Contract

Social Contract

Original Airdate: March 9, 2009

Shannon - Senior Staff Writer

Nick Greenwalt is a book editor and at his author’s book release party he tells the author that the book is going to tank. Uh oh, the editor starts roasting everyone at the table House-style and then his nose starts bleeding. Then he hits the floor. And then I get interested.

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  1. Nick Greenwalt is a book editor and at his author’s book release party he tells the author that the book is going to tank. Uh oh, the editor starts roasting everyone at the table House-style and then his nose starts bleeding. Then he hits the floor. And then I get interested.

    Nick and his wife have a spat over a breast cancer walk. Nick makes fun of Taub’s huge schnoz while they stuff a thingy up Nick’s nose.

    House wants Wilson to go to a monster truck meet and Wilson ain’t having it. Kutner tells House that there’s no nasal cancer in the patient and they discuss Nick’s true nature based on his inability to keep his inner dialogue, well, inner. House says he’ll always be the same guy who thinks snarky thoughts while Wilson says that he’ll be the guy who can keep his mouth shut. Kutner likens him to Harry Potter and it’s awesome.

    The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen on this show EVER happens. Foreman and Hadley are putting Nick in the MRI and he can’t stop talking about how he’d like to get it on with Hadley and he’s apologizing profusely after every lascivious comment. Then Cuddy walks in and Nick starts talking about what he’d do with her and that he’s imagine Cuddy and Hadley together and he’s still apologizing. Hadley tells Cuddy that Nick has no impulse control and Cuddy figures out that House wouldn’t have paged her in there if he wasn’t in there to watch and the light comes on in the control room. It’s all so hilariously done.

    Wilson and House argue over lunch about the monster truck thing and Wilson cops to having a date to play racquetball with Taub and he didn’t bring it up because he was being nice and not rubbing the fact that House can’t play in House’s face.

    They have to test Nick’s daughter’s neurological condition by accidentally burning her. Eek.

    House gets on Taub’s case about the racketball thing and makes him play racquetball in the morgue while updating House on the patient. House knows he’s lying and gets Taub to cop to the lie.

    Nick wants to know why his daughter has bandages on her hands and Kutner explains that they had to test her neurological disorder. Nick says she doesn’t have one, she’s just kind of dumb and her mother ain’t Einstein either. He tells the girl that his saying those things is the reason why he didn’t want her there and she gets upset and storms off. Then Nick starts coughing like nobody’s business.

    So Nick had some sort of infection that damaged his brain, but they can’t remove the damage because it’s too close to the brain stem. Nick shows up in House’s office and confronts him about not operating on him. House tells him that the surgery could kill him and Nick says he’d rather be dead than continue to cause pain to his wife and little girl. House brings the case to Chase. Chase says no, but he wants to know why House cares. House sees himself in the patient and doesn’t want that for him. Chase says he’ll see what he can do.

    They operate. House watches and Wilson comes to apologize. House figures out that Wilson’s brother is in the psych ward at another hospital and Wilson is going to see him and that’s why he’s bailing on the monster truck rally. While they’re talking about what’s personal, there’s brain surgery being broadcast on a monitor. House offers to go with Wilson to see his brother.

    Nick is in recovery and he’s still the same. His wife argues with him. He starts crashing. Why don’t they send her out of there? The group decides to go against what House would do and perform a full body scan on Nick because he’s dying of hypothermia.

    House epiphanies (in the lobby of the psych ward, no less) and they take out some kind of fibroid or something from Nick and he’s cured. There’s still awkwardness between him and his wife, naturally.

    Wilson and House share a moment about social contracts and Wilson admits to actually liking monster trucks. It’s cute.

    So, this is my last House recap for a month. PMB is going to cover for me while I’m out with a new baby, so everyone show her some love! I’ll still be watching House when I can so if I can come back and comment with a baby on my shoulder, surely you can too!

  2. Writing re-caps & posting comments with a baby on your shoulder is harder than it looks! ;) Trust me!

    I didn't adore this episode. The idea of House-with-guilt irked me. Here's this poor sick guy who needs love & support ~ but he's acting like a gigantic a$$ which is not his fault and he feels bad and his wife acts like a jerk. I mean really - who questions their spouses love and devotion while the spouse is healing from BRAIN SURGERY and obviously in trouble???

    The House/Wilson friendship does make a bit more sense to me now. Those scenes were worth the rest of the episode for me. That & seeing Cuddy's face when the elevator doors closed! HAHAHA!

    (Have fun with the baby!!!!)

  3. I totally agree, Bella, but sometimes words are harsh and no matter whether or not you mean them, they still hurt. And knowing that her husband was thinking all these things even though he wasn't saying them had to be painful.

    I do agree that Mrs. Nick maybe shouldn't have been picking a fight with him in the recovery room. Miss Manners wouldn't approve.

    Thanks, Bella. I hope he's a good baby so I can come back and comment often!


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