Monday, March 16, 2009

Family Guy - Recap & Review - The Juice is Loose

Family Guy
“The Juice Is Loose”

Original Airdate: Mar 15, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Wait, Family Guy is on two weeks in a row? This isn’t right. This can’t be right. Fox always spreads a season of Family Guy over thirty-eight month periods. Well, I guess Fox made a mistake because Sunday night was chalk full of Griffin Family madness!

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  1. The episode starts out with Peter babysitting Stewie. Peter being the solid parent he is ends up letting Stewie crawl out onto the roof where he gets stuck (Hello, Back to the Future reference). Brian comes home to Stewie asking for help but Brian is less than inclined to help. He does, however, tell Peter when he walks inside and Peter – of course- does nothing, Finally, Lois comes home and chastises Peter for his poor babysitting skills. I am not sure how any of this is related to the episode but it ends with a two minute song interrupt by Conway Twitty. I know they’ve done this before but seriously two full minutes? Sheesh.

    Eventually, we get to the meat of the episode where Peter finds an old raffle ticket where he has won a round of golf with OJ Simpson. The family of course is petrified and tries to convince Peter not to do it, but in classic Stewie fashion, he delivers a “who’s that” with perfect timing. Despite objections from his family and his friends he decides to play the round anyway- but Joe convinces Peter to wear a wire to try and get OJ to confess to the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and The Goldman guy (I don’t remember his first name).

    Peter tries not so subtly to get OJ to confess but eventually OJ discovers Peter’s wire. Peter begs for his life but OJ gets emotional and explains how hard its been for him to assimilate since the killings. Meanwhile, the town gets wind that OJ is there and is none to happy about it, but Peter stages a “welcome to Quahog, OJ” barbecue anyway! A mob of townspeople show up to protest but OJ gives an endearing speech about how not everyone is perfect. He asks all those who are imperfect to stand with him. It’s a really touching scene to see the town come around OJ like that.

    Then OJ whips out a knife, stabs a few people, and runs off.

    Seriously. Yes, it IS Family Guy, after all!
    So… it was not a bad episode. A few good funny scenes but it’s not going down in my classic Family Guy episode library. Ok, readers, what’s your two cents?

  2. Like you, I was totally shocked that we could have another Family Guy so soon! That's why I totally forgot until after the fact, and missed the first ten minutes, so I had no idea why OJ Simpson and Peter were hanging out.

    But there were a couple of funny moments. I enjoyed the "OJ killing Nicole" opera, and the end, while random, was funny enough.

    Seriously, though, Family Guy, an OJ Simpson episode? Not only is that random, it's a little dated, in my opinion. Hasn't every other show in the last ten years capitalized on the OJ thing?

    I'm with you: funny enough, but certainly no classic.


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