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Desperate Housewives - Recap & Review - The Story of Lucy and Jessie

Desperate Housewives
The Story of Lucy and Jessie

Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2009

Annette – TwoCents Reviewer

The housewives are digging up secrets, manipulating their friends, and even partaking in a little girl-on-girl kissing. It’s always interesting on Wisteria Lane, let’s find out what our favorite women are up to…

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  1. Desperate Housewives
    The Story of Lucy and Jessie

    Original Air Date: March 15, 2009

    Annette – TwoCents Reviewer

    The housewives are digging up secrets, manipulating their friends, and even partaking in a little girl-on-girl kissing. It’s always interesting on Wisteria Lane, let’s find out what our favorite women are up to…

    Edie heads to a newspaper office to dig into Dave’s past. She is given the obituary for Dave’s wife, and then is surprised to find that Dave had a daughter that also died in the crash. She later coyly asks Dave if he ever wanted to have children (and why does she have to constantly look like a hooker? Was it really necessary for her to be sprawled in a chair with a robe half on/half off?). Dave tells her a story about a “friend” who had a daughter that died in an accident and how horrible it was. So Dave thinks it’s not worth having kids. Surprise, surprise, Dave’s still a liar.

    Gaby and Carlos are at Bradley’s funeral when they are approached by the CEO of the company. Bradley wanted to talk to him about Carlos’s performance, but that they didn’t get a chance before he died. The CEO assumes that Bradley wanted to promote Carlos, so he offers Carlos Bradley’s position as president of the company. Gaby accepts on Carlos’s behalf (you can just see the dollar signs in her eyes!). Carlos’s first task, he hires his former roommate/girlfriend to be his “Number 2.” Gaby decides she needs a spy and mentions that she has a friend who would make a great Marketing Director (more on how that came about in Lynette’s storyline).

    Poor Lynette is out job hunting, but no one is interested in hiring her. She listens to a couple of obnoxious twenty-somethings go on about how 30 is old and no one is going to hire a 30-something (ok, just being out of my 20s myself, I never thought 30 was old, so why are 20 year olds always portrayed as bimbos who think anyone over 29 is one foot in the grave?). She begs Gaby to convince Carlos to hire her as his Marketing Director, but Gaby says no. Later, when an interviewer questions her about her age, she flips and he tells her that he’s actually looking for someone more mature and she gets the job. Then Gaby tells her that Carols agreed to hire her. Lynette tells Gaby she already got a job, but she’ll accept if they match her salary, which she inflates by $20,000. Gaby agrees. Lynette goes to work and finds out that Lucy and Carlos used to be together. Lynette confronts Gaby about being used as a spy, and Gaby busts her on using her to get a bigger salary. They decide to remain friends as long as Lynette gets to keep her salary and Gaby gets to keep her spy.

    Susan is not getting along with her boss Jessie (the brilliant Swoosie Kurtz) who will be evaluating her later in the week. Susan invites her over for dinner to try and suck up to her. Jessie mistakenly thinks it’s a date, and after they get drunk and Susan gets a little touchy feely, Jessie kisses her goodnight. Susan is freaked and tells Lynette, Gaby, and Lee about it while they’re playing poker. Gaby’s trying to figure out what kind of kiss it was so she (and here’s the moment they’ve been hyping) plants a couple kisses on Susan (o-k…). At school, Susan tries to tell Jessie she’s not gay, but Jessie doesn’t believe her and after using bizarre African animal metaphors, Susan convinces Jessie she’s not interested. After a heart to heart, Susan convinces Jessie that they can be good friends and help each other through the loneliness. Awwww… sweet.

    Bree encounters Susan and Gaby talking about a candy dish that has gone missing from Susan’s. The same dish that Orson had admired the previous evening. Gaby thinks her daughter Juanita stole it – Bree knows otherwise. She finds the stuff he’s been stealing and Orson confesses that stealing gives him a thrill. She forbids him from visiting their friends’ homes and says she will return the goods. On the pretense of borrowing items from the neighbors, she returns everything successfully – until she gets to Gaby’s house and returns a “sleeping Mexican” statue. When Gaby sees it, she accuses Juanita of stealing it. Turns out, the statue belongs to Mrs. McClusky. Gaby tries to get Juanita to confess and when she doesn’t, Gaby cancels her birthday party. Juanita then accuses Bree of stealing it, who then bolts from the house. As she leaves, she sees Orson coming from Bob and Lee’s house with a coffee mug he heisted. Bree and Orson go to therapy and when Bree leaves Orson with the doctor, he admits he likes stealing because it’s something Bree can’t control and it makes her angry. Bad Orson…

    Mike informs Dave that Katherine won’t be accompanying them on their camping trip. Dave confronts Katherine with yet another sob story. He (Dave) has no friends, and that’s why Mike is so important to him, and he wants to get to know the woman in Mike’s life better. Katherine is obviously flattered and agrees to go (does no one see how creepy this man is – I wouldn’t be alone on the street with him, much less alone in the woods).

    The last scene is back at the newspaper office. There’s an article for Edie, but the grumpy old man is in no hurry to send it to her. Too bad, because it’s an article about Mike and the accident that killed Dave’s wife and daughter. Dave, Mike and Katherine all leave for the woods before Edie gets the article. Things don’t look good…

    So readers, thoughts on the Orson storyline? I still hate it and can’t see where they’re going with it. Think the Susan/Gaby kiss was over-hyped and over-rated? What’s going to happen in the woods next week? Think there’s more to the “story of Lucy and Jessie?” Give me your two cents!

  2. Nice review , Annette!
    I have absolutely no idea why they had to have Edie all sleezy on the chair , other than for the husbands at home that are forced to watch with theitr! As for the kiss, I have to admit I laughed pretty good when Gaby kissed her, just because i think of it as the actors point of view, and they probably had outtakes because of the laughter. Lastly, wouldn't you know that Edie isn't going to get the important article untill Dave and Mike are gone, the question is , does anyone know where they are actually going, because I doubt Dave told Edie.

  3. Thanks Karen! I figure Edie half-naked and Gaby in her lingerie are pretty much there for the guys who don't want to watch but have to!

    I doubt Edie knows where they are - Dave even made sure to point out that he won't have a phone.


  4. And the Dave story line sloooow inches along! They could have finished this and set up the second half of the season for something different.

    I beg Marc Cherry to PLEASE use Bob and Lee for more than just getting in the gay witty remarks. Please let the Orson kleptomania story line go and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DON'T KILL OFF KATHERINE! And then give her something to actually do next season.

  5. Alleged - I totally agree with you. But I'm not surprised how slow the Dave story line is going. It always takes an entire season for the main mystery to play itself out.

    I'm always surprised by what Marc Cherry will do, however I don't think Katherine will get killed off, but you never know.

    I love Bob and Lee - they definitely need some storylines, but I guess they're not "desperate housewives," so they'll probably always remain on the periphary - much like Mrs. McCluksy and the late Ida Greenburg. But i did love the inclusion of Lee at the Housewives poker game - very funny.


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