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Castle - Recap & Review - Nanny McDead

Nanny McDead

Original Air Date: Mar 16, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

It’s the same old story: Nanny falls for the father of her charges, they have a lurid affair, and then the nanny is found dead in a dryer set on tumble. Well, maybe it’s not the same old story.

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  1. TwoCents TwoMinute Recap
    So Nanny McDead (Sarah) is found stuffed in a dryer in the laundry room of the building in which she works. Here is the run-down of theories Beckett and Castle pursue…

    Theory 1: her ex-boyfriend killed her out of jealously because she was sleeping with the father of the little girl she tends. Too bad he has an air-tight alibi.

    Theory 2: the father of the little girl she tends with whom she is having an affair killed her to cover said affair up. Well… he IS having an affair, but not with Sarah (she’s been covering it up).

    Theory 3: the mother THINKS Sarah and her husband are having an affair and she killed her out of rage. Nope. She knows her husband is having an affair with a woman he works with and is in the process of drawing up divorce papers.

    Theory 4: Sarah is having an affair with Mr. Harris (her best friend Chloe’s boss and tenant of the building) and he killed her to cover up the affair. But Mr. Harris is clean. Yes, indeed, they were having an affair, but he, too, has an air-tight alibi.

    Theory 5 (The Winner!): Mr. Harris got around. Apparently, he was also sleeping with Chloe (who is, by the way, pregnant with his child) and she killed Sarah in a fit of jealous rage. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

    TwoCents TwoFavorite Moments
    1. Castle’s long (and freakishly detailed) story of how he would have written the nanny’s murder using another as-yet-to-be-introduced character living in apartment 8B. “Just saying… better story. Coffee?”
    2. Castle’s confession that the plot of his first novel came from the soap opera One Life to Live. The reason this was such a great moment is because Nathan Fillion (Castle) got his start on One Life to Live. Nice.

    TwoCents TwoFavorite Quotes
    1. “Your mother and I decided if someone was gonna screw you up we wanted it to be me.” –Castle when asked by his daughter why she never had a nanny.
    2. “You are to accompany and observe, not participate and annoy.” -Beckett to Castle when he requests to go along with her to visit Sarah’s employers.

    What do YOU think? Do you like the show? Did you call the murderer? How sexy is Nathan Fillion? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll use the change to do our laundry.

    Next Week: Hedge Fund Homeboys


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