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Big Love - Recap & Review - Outer Darkness

Big Love
Outer Darkness

Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

So, as you recall, Nikki is totally busted and staying at Albis because Bill kicked her to the curb. Meanwhile, Bill is fighting a hard battle over the polygamy letter with his brother-in-law, Ted. Bill, in classic fashion, I am quite sure will lose. Let’s see what I loved, hated, and said WTF this week. Mormon power- GO!

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  1. HATED

    • Wanda was trying to model Kathy’s twin after Kathy. It was really weird. Wanda was trying to style her hair so she looked like Kathy and Joey is definitely starting to want to do dirty things with Kathy’s twin. Weirdness. But who am I to judge- go for it, Joey!

    • Ted owns Bill once again. He secretly brings in Bill’s Indian partner guy and tells the partner that Bill wants him to be a partner, too, and Ted is taking 10% of Bill’s profits!! LOL. Oh my God, Bill, you are HOPELESS. Just get over this stupid letter already.

    • Barb is freaking out that she will be ex-communicated and Nikki is still playing the victim. Ugh.


    • Barb is literally begging her Mom and Sister for a day pass to the Temple or something. She needs to receive her components, or something. Oh my god. I am so lost. These Mormons are crazy.

    • Oh, God. So to top it off Barb does get into the temple and we get to see some weird Mormon ritual that literally looks like it is out of an X-Files episode. Lots of white, and bows, and bonnets, and crazy code words that even the Navajo Indians would be like WTF? Then they all hang out in a white room and banter as if none of this is weird. Weird.

    • Bill can’t sleep. Ever heard of NyQuil? Or getting drunk? Jesus, man.

    • So, the bald guy from Heroes and True Blood? Apparently he is Nikki’s ex-husband. And apparently they have a daughter together!!

    • The Greene’s kidnap Ted’s kid to try and get the letter. Wow. That’s messed up. Bill cuts a deal with the DA and Roman to get the kid back in exchange for something else and Roman somehow gets off the hook or something. I don’t know I spaced out a bit. Readers?


    • Bill is all over controlling with Scott who is the guy who knocked up Sarah but to be fair he didn’t know she was preggo. The brother decks him, then Bill yells at him and tells him to leave, and he does, but in a few scenes he and Sarah are back in bed- Nikki’s bed- and Nikki walks in on them. Nikki actually lets them get away with it!

    • BILL DUMPS NIKKI!! Wow, it’s about time. Roman approves the unsealing. Crazy!

    • Barb gets ex-communicated. Screw the Mormon Church that’s whack. So I am happy for Barb. Go live your life the way you want to, Girl, without religion breathing down your neck!

    Anyway that’s all the Mormon I can take for one week so here are my favorite quotes of the episode:
    Margie: “We are going to get Nikki”
    Barb: “Like FUN we are”
    (Margie, secretly dragging Barb to the compound, to get Nikki)

    Barb: “Clinically speaking, Nikki, I think you’re a sociopath”

  2. Oh man, we really need a chat room around here for this one.

    1. I went to my Mormon peeps for this and this is a really loose & quick interpretation: The ceremony in the church is a very important one to Mormons (and supposed to be VERY VERY hush hush & not to be discussed outside the temple - someone in Utah is getting their throat slit for spilling the secret) It's an endowment ceremony where they are blessed & brought one step closer to Christ in their faith. The words that they spoke are keys that they will need when they get to Heaven, to prove that they are worthy of entering the higher levels of the kingdom. The whole scene in the room afterward is where they go to have some quiet prayer & meditation time. They weren't supposed to be chatting and carrying on in there though, BIG no no. (Mormons are HIGHLY "what the fun" about this whole story line)

    2. I don't understand what in bat crap the Greene's exist for ~ but whatever. The Green's kidnap Ted's daughter in a play to get the church to hand over the letter endorsing polygamy, but they refuse. Bill has a certification thingy that proves the letter exists and he thinks that maybe the Green's will be appeased with that instead. He goes to Roman who can broker the deal, but Roman wants back on the compound in exchange for his help. The DA guy agrees only because of the kid & warns Roman & Bill that they are both being looked into for anything he can possibly charge them with. Nikki too.

    3. Nikki ain't goin' nowhere. I think the last scene where she shows up for the ex-communicating meeting & waits outside for Barb, I think that's going to be the beginning of Barb realizing that they can't cut Nikki out of their lives.

    Then again, Bill finds out she had a husband and a DAUGHTER that she didn't tell him about & he will go ape-crap-tossin-crazy.

    In the episode where Wanda ratted Nikki out for having a first husband ~ wasn't the guy supposed to be like 50 when that happened? True Blood dude isn't that old ... is he supposed to be the same guy, or a second husband?

    4. The Wanda/Kathy/Twin/Joey thing was gag worthy. Then Joey tried to kiss her? UGH. I guess you just can't have your dead wife's twin sister hanging around without it causing some sort of mental craziness. But still - BLECK!

    DUDE. If Bill's partner doesn't man up, grow a set & QUIT freakin crying every. single. episode. I'm going to puke. Women like a sensitive man, but damn.

  3. Nicky will be great out of the family. That way we will see more of the real Nicky. Plus the daughter and JJ is a great dynamic. I have a feeling Ray the DA will be involved.

    Barb needs to make up her mind. She will stay along with Margene because they love Bill. Maybe Ana will comeback and be pregnant.

  4. It will be great for Nicky to get out of the family. Maybe she will concentrate on her daughter. The JJ guy is very creepy. I have a feeling Ray the DA will be involved more in this. That story is not finished by a long shot.

    Barb needs to make up her mind. Maybe the need to kick Bill out


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