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30 Rock - Recap & Review - Goodbye, My Friend

30 Rock
Goodbye, My Friend

Original Air Date: March 5, 2009

PG Ignacio - Associate Editor

Have you ever had to hurt a friend, for their own good? In tonight's episode we find Jack and Liz finding new friends in unlikely places. Jenna has another episode of feeling like she's not getting enough attention, but Tracy comes through in the end. John Lithgow makes a cameo after his movie, "Harry and the Hendersons," provides the theme for tonight's episode.

(Yes, that photo above is of Frank, the writer that normally wears the funny hats.)

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  1. Jack needs something to do for the evening to keep his mind off of women while his love interest, Elisa, is away in Puerto Rico. He decides to hang out with the guys of TGS: Frank, Twofer, Lutz, etc. They find themselves at Jack's place watching the movie of the week, "Harry and the Hendersons." Jack and Frank identify with the movie and find they have a commonality; they both had absent fathers in their lives. Jack finds out in their bonding time that Frank was once admitted to Columbia Law, but had to quit because his mom got ill and his dad wasn't around to help. Jack to the rescue...

    Liz Lemon meanwhile was on her way to her end of the week ritual, getting a dozen donuts on the way home...for herself. She was buying them to help get over the wait she has been through with the adoption agency. To her surprise, behind the counter is a donut worker with a baby-bump. Even more in her favor, she notices a pamplet the teenager is reading about giving a baby up for adoption. Liz decides to eat her dozen donuts there and get to know her version of Juno.

    Back to Jack and Frank. Jack lets Frank know that he has pulled some strings at Columbia University and Frank is being admitted with a full scholarship. Frank is so excited at his second chance that he cleans himself up, shaves, pulls his hair back in a pony tail, and puts on a suit & tie. To thank Jack, Frank invites him over for a home cooked dinner and to meet his mom. Unfortunately, Jack finds out from Frank's mom that the real reason Frank isn't a lawyer is because all of the men in Frank's family were lawyers for the mob. Even worse, Frank's dad didn't leave or died, he's in a witness protection program in Arizona. Jack must fix his mess. Jack does to Frank what John Lithgow does to Harry, he sets him free even if though it hurt Frank's feelings.

    Liz seems to be making a lot of progress with her teenage baby donor. They become friends instantly and the young girl believes Liz would be a great mom for her baby. When the young father to be shows up at TGS to see his baby's momma, Liz frantically cuts him off in hopes of saving her chances of adopting the unborn child. Liz comes to her senses and talks the nervous young man into being there for the baby. She forces him to witness Jack and Frank's re-enactment of the scene in "Harry and the Hendersons" pointing out that both of those guys didn't have fathers in their lives. Liz does the right thing in the end.

    The side story at TGS is Jenna needing attention, especially on her birthday. When Kenneth finds out that Tracy has never celebrated a birthday, he throws a party for both Tracy and Jenna, on Jenna's birthday. Jenna tries her same old tricks for attention by claiming she hurt her back. Jenna becomes fed up with the lack of attention and leaps out of her wheel chair and rips of the back brace. Tracy screams in joy, telling Jenna that his birthday wish when he blew out the candles was the Jenna would instantly recover from her injuries. Jenna realizes that is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for her. Tracy saves the day, again.

    I was very entertained by this episode. One of my favorite lines is when Liz first notices the pregnant teen at the donut shop, Pete tells Liz that he sees those crazy eyes on her face and he doesn't like it. Liz responds, "Well I see your shut-up mouth and I don't like it." Classic Liz Lemon. What did you think? Leave your TwoCents here. See you next week!

  2. I love Frank. I'm glad they are finally focusing more on his character. Judah Friedlander is the champion of the world!


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