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Nip/Tuck - Recap & Review - Manny Skerritt

Manny Skerritt

Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2008

Tom R. - TwoCents Staff Writer

TV-OMG seems like a better rating than TV-MA. For storylines that children should be kept far away from, but the word “maturity” is thrown out the window from a character standpoint.

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  1. TV-OMG seems like a better rating than TV-MA. For storylines that children should be kept far away from, but the word “maturity” is thrown out the window from a character standpoint.

    Case in point: Manny Skerritt, a yoga instructor whose contortions allow him to pleasure himself without a partner. Problem is, he is addicted to the act and wants an anatomical reduction so things won’t reach. (Was that clean enough and still descriptive?) Sean’s former co-star Aidan Stone gets wind of this and falls off the bed attempting it himself.

    Katee Sackhoff joins the cast as new anesthesiologist Teddy Lowe (aka Darren Stevens). Apparently, she filmed a few episodes before the writers’ strike. When work resumed, she was on to other projects. Rose McGowan takes over in a few weeks. I like Sackhoff’s take on the rebellious, tattooed free spirit, but I just wish I didn’t know about the upcoming switch. I felt like I was comparing the two actresses. McGowan’s twisted sense of humor just seems like such a better fit for the show. Can’t wait to see if they explain the switch. Roseanne still has the best moment for switching actors.

    Meanwhile, Kimber is marketing Jenna as a “baby Cindy Crawford”. When she is rejected due to her “thin, villainous lips”, she comes to Christian for collagen injections. She pleads that if Jenna can have advantages now, she won’t turn out like Kimber did. Christian goes to see Jenna’s agents, hoping to crack the “baby botox” ring. He hears about the potential payday, and Kimber puts it into perspective by relating what she would need to do for the same money. Christian decides to manage Jenna himself, but the former management locks him out of auditions. When Kimber botches a collagen injection, he is forced to fix her work, and Jenna goes back to the agency and begins to get work.

    Some really funny cameo work as Aidan shows up with a script based on Sean’s life (“Deadly Tightrope”). Morgan Fairchild has signed on to play Colleen Rose. In his version, she kills Christian and beds Sean, who leaves her for the CIA rather than CAA (Creative Artists’ Agency). Sean refuses to OK the rights. Aidan stalks him and ends up in the OR during Manny’s surgery as Teddy takes pictures. As revenge, he tells Manny about the photos and urges him to sue. Teddy gets Sean to OK the deal. As Aidan goes under for his enhancement surgery, Teddy snaps a picture of his shortcomings for Sean to use as leverage if there’s a lapse in the payments.

    The “baby botox” storyline is pretty disturbing, especially the before-and-after fantasy sequence. This may end up being more controversial than Manny’s obsession.

    “Happy Afternoon” APM
    “Oh Yeah” Yello
    “Suspicious Character” The Blood Arm
    “Gymnopedie” Margaret Lang Tan
    “Perfect Lie” (Theme) The Engine Room

    Apparently some confusion on the website, and this week’s music got posted to last week’s episode.

    Ricky Weeks:
    “Dreamsville” Henry Mancini
    “Superman” REM
    “Hercules Theme” Hercules and Love Affair
    “Steppin’ Out” Joe Jackson

    “Your daughter is only 18 months old, and she’s more of a success than you’ll ever be.” -Kimber, relating Jenna’s star power

    “He doesn’t need surgery. He needs a miracle.” -Teddy, after viewing Aidan’s equipment

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  2. Haha i love the reference to Roseanne and totally know what you're talking about... when Becky #1 walks in after a few episodes and Roseanna says something like "where the hell have you been"?

    Am I right?

    Anyhow, Sean is annoying me more than usual this season and Kimber needs to get hit by a bus. that's my two cents! :)


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