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Man vs. Wild - Recap & Review - Dominican Republic

Man Vs. Wild
Dominican Republic

Original Air Date: Feb 2, 2009

Jeff P. - TwoCents Staff Writer

It seems that Bear Grylls will be going island hopping again. And I have a good feeling that it won’t be described as a peaceful getaway.

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  1. It seems that Bear Grylls will be going island hopping again. And I have a good feeling that it won’t be described as a peaceful getaway.

    Bear drops off the side of a helicopter right into the ocean off of an island and swims to shore. Once he gets out of the water he’s faced with a limestone cliff to climb to safety. His first goal is to find water. He gets to the north shore and sees a shipwreck. He climbs to the crow’s nest and sees that the Dominican mainland is 5 miles away. He starts to build a raft to cross the channel. He makes it to the mainland and is now faced with a mangrove to go through.

    He puts mud on his face to prevent getting bitten by mosquitoes. He does not love the idea of getting Malaria during his stay here. After he gets out he looks to wanting to get to high ground. He gets stuck by a cactus and shows us how to use agave to protect his shins. Then he finds a scary giant centipede. It is not edible because of how poison it is. (I had it as inedible at the word “centipede” myself). He finds some water out of a plant to tide him over and then moves on to look for a river. He finds one and bathes and fills his canteen. He wants to follow this river upstream this time since his goal is high ground. Then he finds a shrimp and eats it raw. As he goes up river the river waters becomes stronger and more difficult to maneuver.

    Bear tries to push himself up a small waterfall and lands in a whirlpool. He tries again with the same results, so now he’ll have to find a new way up and out of the canyon that he’s in since the water is rising due to rainfall. He sees some vines coming down to hopefully ascend. He starts climbing up the vines and it is much harder than he thought. After much trouble and muscle he makes it to the top. As it gets darker, he looks to make camp. He ties up some vines and forms them like a hammock under an overhang in a rock. He then starts a fire and gets ready for the night.

    The next day Bear finds a tarantula near his camp. He shows us how dangerous it is first, and then tells us that it will be his breakfast! He quips: “not bad tasting… for a spider”. He moves on again and finally finds an opening in the brush in a dry riverbed. He finds some water vines to drink from and shows us that you have to tap a second hold to get water from it. Then he runs into an obstacle that seems to be a landslide that has covered the way forward. He climbs this and continues up the riverbed. He sees a wild fowl and kills it for his next meal by a quick fire. Then he gets up to a fast drop off of an 80’ cliff. He climbs his way down another vine. The trees start to thin out to some farmland, which means that people must be near, as is the end of another episode.

    I believe I’d mentioned before that the jungle episodes are some of my favorites. This one had many great scenes to it. The best of the bunch must be his strenuous climb up the vines out of the raging river. You can see how tough and tiring it was for him and you really felt that you were there. It was obvious that he didn’t expect how tough it was going to be. What did you think?


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